The Hood Identity

~ Calum Hood Fanfiction~
��Contains Smut��
*i know Calum isn't 21, but in this he is*
~I hope you enjoy~
Thanks, Loves.


1. A Time Of Grieving

The silent mansion was relaxing as I lay on the couch and stare blankly at the ceiling. Now, I just have to wait for my lawyer to come to read a note my father left me. The sad part is, I don't even feel that sad. I've grown up being told that death is inevitable and cannot be stopped, so I kind of saw this coming. I feel bad because I didn't cry at his funeral. I just stood there with a blank expression that was half covered by a black veil. It was a lot to take in, I've always had my father around to help me with things and now he's gone. The biggest thing I'm worried about is how I'm going to take care of all of the things he left behind. He was a rich man, I don't think I could live up to that responsibility.

My thoughts are interrupted by the doorbell. I quickly get off the couch and walk over to the front door. When I open it, a man in a suit was carrying a suitcase and he introduced himself. "Hello, Violet. I am your fathers lawyer, you can call me Mr. Pennington. I believe I am here to read you his will?"

"Yes, nice to meet you Mr. Pennington. Come on in." I see aside and let him in. He walks in and examines the large living room before we both take a seat on the sofa.

He opens his suitcase and lies it on the coffee table. "All of his documents were copied and the original copies are in his study where he left them, but we found one important document we think you should see." He scrambles through paperwork and pulls out an envelope with a seal on it. "Would you like me to read it?"

I nod. "Yes, that would be fine." He pulls the seal off and opens the envelope. A regular piece of paper with words typed out on it was inside. I watched as he read it aloud.

He clears his throat and begins. "Dear Violet, if you are reading this it means that I have passed. I do not want you to be sad, as I am in a much better place. I know this must be hard for you, but believe me I have it all sorted out to make it convenient for you. I would like you to know that you will be assigned a personal bodyguard to watch over you. I know this sounds like a blunder but I know you will understand why I'm doing all this. It's all to protect you. You're bodyguard will be coming after you read this letter. I have met with him and he is a dashing young man. I hope you can make due with my choices and be wise. I love you very much, Violet. I hope you have a very wonderful life. With love, your father William Caldwell."

He puts the letter back into the envelope and hands it to me. "You can keep this, in fact, you can keep all of it."

"Thanks, Mr. Pennington. Do you know who my father chose as my bodyguard?" I take the envelope and set it on top of the paperwork that I get to keep.

"All I know is his last name is Hood. He's Australian and 21 years old. He should be coming later this afternoon. I do wish the best for you, Violet. Now I must be on my way." He says and lays a stack of paperwork on the envelope and takes his suitcase.

I walk to the door and open it for him. "Goodbye, Mr. Pennington."

"Goodbye, Mrs. Caldwell." He says and he steps outside. I shut the door and look around the huge house that is now mine. As I take it all in, I start to walk to the kitchen. After all of this, I need a drink.

The wine pantry had over 400 different kinds of wine, but I only drink a specific kind. Blanc De Noir Champagne. It is just perfect, and it doesn't go bad. The perfect champagne.

Once I get it opened, I get a wine glass and walk upstairs to go to my bedroom. I need to drown my sorrows in the only way I know how; a warm bath and champagne. With all of these thoughts going through my head, it was no time before I was in just my bra and panties, and standing in my bathroom.

I pour some champagne into the glass and set it on the table beside the bathtub. As I step in, I feel the warmth of the water absorb me. Eventually, I'm up to my chin in bubbles and Lush bath bombs. The scent just makes me want to sleep. It's just so calm and tranquil.

About 30 minutes later, I hear the doorbell from downstairs. I get out and put on my silk robe. I turn off the water and pull the plug. I take the bottle of champagne downstairs with me, there's no use in leaving good champagne in the bathroom.

When I get downstairs, I quickly put the champagne down and walk to the door. My hand was still a bit wet so when I opened the door the knob made a little squeak.

Standing outside the door was a tall, handsome man about my age. I assume this was the bodyguard. Mr. Pennington had said he was 21. I'm 20, so there isn't really a difference. "Hello." I say and give a weak smile.

"I'm Calum Hood, your bodyguard. I'm sorry about your father, I knew him and he was a good man." He says and I notice how his brown hair had a light blonde streak in it. This man was absolutely gorgeous.

"It's alright." My smile dims and I let him in. He comes in dragging a suitcase behind him. "I can show you where you can put your things." I say.

"If It isn't a hassle." He says. "I don't want to trouble you."

"It's alright. Follow me." I motion toward the stairs and he follows me as we walk up them. Down the large hall upstairs, I go to our spare bedroom and open the door.

The room was just like the other rooms, it even had a bathroom. "This is where you'll stay. Just out your bags in the closet over there or you can just leave them anywhere." I tell him.

He sets the suitcase on the bed and turns to me. "I'm sure I can figure everything out. Thank you, Mrs. Caldwell."

"Don't call me that, please. Just call me Violet."

"Alright, Violet."

I turn and walk out of the room. As I walk into my bedroom, I think about how long it's been since I've had a handsome man in the same house as me. I don't want to be rude and try anything on his first day here but I just have an urge. I will not do it though.

My closet is filled with clothes, but I just put on some black lace panties and a white t-shirt. It was quite late at night, so I got in bed and pulled my duvet of blankets over me. Tomorrow was going to be flat. Nothing I scheduled and I'll be accepting a lot of condolence calls. I just need a lot of sleep. I'm thinking about sleeping for 70 years, but that will never happen. So I simply shut my eyes and try to go to sleep.


I hear a quiet knocking at the door and immediately wake up. I crawl out of bed and open the door. "Yes, Calum?"

He looks concerned. "Did I wake you up? I'm sorry if I did. I was just wondering if You had a lighter?"

"Its fine." I tell him. "And yes I do have a lighter, but if you're smoking then you should do it outside on the balcony."

"Alright. Thanks."

I walk over to bedside table and open the drawer. There was a lighter in it and a pack of cigarettes, but I didn't need the cigarettes right now.

"Here you go." I hand the lighter to him. He takes it and turns to walk away but I stop him. "Hey, can I smoke with you?"

"Of course. It's your house anyway." He laughs. "It's your lighter too."

I laugh and follow him down the hall. When we get to the end of it, I open the glass door to the balcony and step out into the crisp air. The clock I had by the door said 4:57am. Almost sunrise.

We both sit on the little concrete bench and pass a cigarette back and forth. "So," Calum blows smoke out of his mouth. "What's your story?"

"I don't really have one. I've lived here all my life and now I live in the same place just alone-well with you." I explain and blush when I mention him living here.

"I've lived in Australia all my life, I just moved from my moms house to my own house to here." He tells me and looks around before passing me the cigarette.

I put it to my lips and before I take a hit I tell him, "I'm glad I have someone here with me. It gets really weird being alone."

"Trust me, I know. I've lived alone since I was 18. It's really strange. The main reason is having no one there to talk just gets boring."

"Yeah. I'm glad I can talk to you. I used to talk to my dad about everything but..." My voice trails off.

"How do you cope with him being gone?" He asks. "You seem really normal right now."

"I try not to think about it. Sometimes I just pretend that he's away on business but I know I'm just kidding myself."

"It's normal to think that. When my grandma died I couldn't accept that she was gone. I was always at my grandmas, she was my favorite person in the world."

"It's strange, I haven't cried since he died. I just try and keep it bottled up inside of me so I don't break down."

"That's not good. You shouldn't bottle up your emotions like that. It's okay to just cry every one in a while."

"Really?" I ask and I feel the tears coming. My eyes are getting that weird tingling feeling.

He nods. "Go ahead, I won't judge." And just like that, I was crying. It feels really strange though, my dad always told me that when I'm sad to just imagine something funny, but I can't.

I sob and hand Calum the cigarette. He puts it in the ashtray and looks at me. He didn't say anything he just opened his arms. After a few moments, he was gently rocking me like a baby. Despite the fact that I was only wearing a t-shirt and panties.

After a while, the sun was coming up. Just a little bit, but it was a little bright. I yawn and I've stopped crying by now.

"You can go back to bed." Calum whispers. "I did wake you up."

"No, I'm fine." I say. To be honest, I just wanted him to keep holding me like this. I'll never leave if he keeps holding me. He's just so warm, his arms are strong, and he smells nice.

"Calum?" I whisper. He looks down at me and I continue. "You're a really good bodyguard."

"I'm just doing my job." He grins. I wonder what he's thinking right now.. If he knew what I was thinking then we'd be way past him rocking me like a child.

"You're really nice."

"I try to be."

I smile at his remark and suddenly I feel really tired and my eyelids are about to give up. For a few seconds I hold them open but they close and I'm asleep.

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