The Academy

This is a prequel to a story that I will be writing soon.
These are the stories of why Xavier, lupus and River were recruited to become Guardians. The battles that Rie faced, and how the parents dealt with the guilt and worry of not knowing what happened, or not preventing them leaving, every day


1. Before

Today was the day I was leaving. Not because I hated my life or the people I lived with but because I loved them and cared. I didn't want them to get hurt in future especially not Rie. I loved her so much. I had to leave my little sister behind though and become a guardian. It wa any duty to her and my people. When the wars would come someone needed to be able to stand strong and lead my people through. I had my bags packed for days. I awaited the time that the letter would be sent to me. A little over a few days ago it came and told me to pack my bags and wait for them to get me. According to the letter I wans the only kid getting picked up but I felt like I was the only kid that didn't tell my parents where I was going. I heard a slight noise from outside. I stood up and  realized it was the signal and that it was time to go. I almost made it out the door but was stopped by Rie.

"Where are you going Xavy?" She asked while holding her blanket and sucking her thumb.

"Away sweetie." I responded holding back the tears that threatened to spill out of my eyes.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow morning Xavy." She mumbled an then climbed the stairs back to bed.

It upset me that she wouldn't see me for years and that I would miss her growing up but knowing that in the future I'd see her again, if I survived training made it all bearable.


I walked outside the house and without looking behind me climbed into the truck that workd take me to meet my other fellow guardians in training.

My name is Xavier Lux

Guardian in training this is mine and my fellow guardians stories

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