How Did We End Up Here?

Things have been rough lately for stage crew worker Miranda. She has to work two jobs just to get by. Until she does a show for 5 Seconds of Summer and she and her friend Daniel get asked to tour with them! Miranda starts to fall for one of the boys but it threatens her job, where if something happened she would have to go back to Montana and face everything she left behind.
*Cover art made with Pic Collage


20. ch.20

We got to Greenland in the late afternoon. Me, Ashton, and Calum wanted to go explore so Michael, Nebraska, Luke and Odessa went to go check in. Odessa was NOT rooming with me Nebraska and Daniel...I have Daniel to deal with and that's problem enough. Greenland was a small place with small towns and nice people. Not a lot of fans came up to us only a few. We ended our journey by sitting on a bench over looking the gloomy ocean. Then we went back to the hotel.

"Please tell me that I'm not going to be 'roommates' with overbearing Odessa." I said as we looked at our small hotel. I loved Greenland, it reminded me of Montana only a bit smaller. 

"Don't worry, if I know Odessa, she'll want to room by herself because she's afraid of catching your cooties." Ashton said. Calum laughed at that.

"Well, you all have my cooties so...tough shit!" I said putting my arm around Ashton and Calum and pulling them in for a hug. We all laughed and went in. Odessa was arguing with a front desk person and Luke was just watching her like a puppy. Nebraska and Michael were trying to ignore her. Calum leaned in by my ear and mumbled,

"Told you." 

I looked up and them and Ashton nodded at me. I walked up to Odessa and the front desk girl who I saw myself in.

"What's going on here?" I said. Odessa gave me a snide look and the front desk manager spoke up,

"Look I'm sorry ma'am but we just don't have anymore rooms?" 

"Oh my god! who's gonna stay here?" Odessa said rolling her eyes

"Look I'm sure people stay here, it's the best hotel in town...But you just had to come with us makes sense that they wouldn't have a room." I said

"Well look at you Ms.Fancy." She said. I held back a smart comment I had and said.

"Okay well if your gonna be difficult fine, let's be difficult you can have me, Daniel and! Nebraska's room, three people's room! Just so you don't have to 'catch cooties' at the bed and breakfast across the street." I said. Odessa was speechless and I held back a cunning smile. Odessa started to talk but I cut her off,

"No...look front desk lady-" I looked at her name tag, "Paisley, re do the bill for this room in Odessa's name, she'll give you the details..." I said looking at her and then back at Paisley "So thank you." I said leaving and pulling Nebraska and Daniel to the corner of the room and watched Odessa talk to Paisley.

"Okay...I just screwed up so...we need places to stay tonight and not the hotel room because I just gave our room to Odessa so yeah........thoughts?" I said.

"I can stay with the boys and Michael" Nebraska said.

"I already have reservations at the bed and breakfast." Daniel said.

"Oh okay...I'm sorry guys." I said.

"No problem" Nebraska said walking to Michael.

"She got what was coming." Daniel said and then walked away. Now I just needed a place to stay. I saw Odessa angrily walk away from Luke...I decided not to talk to him about it, instead I went over to the group of my friends.

"Hey." I said.

"Holy crap!" Calum said

"What?" I said feeling guilty.

"No, that was awesome." Michael said

"Now I get to spend a night with my fiance." Nebraska said leaning in and kissing Michael and he kissed her back.

"Keep it together you two we're gonna be there too." Calum said and the happy couple stopped kissing and Michael's face turned red. 

"Where are you going to stay tonight?" Ashton asked.

"I don't know...I'll figure something out." I said 

"Alright." He said. We talked for a few minutes and then the boys and Nebraska went up the cute little staircase. I sat on the lobby couch until the sun went down. I didn't know where to go. So...I made a dumb decision and decided to sleep on the lobby couch. Eventually one of the employee's turned the lights off and I sat on the couch in the dark. I started to get cold. I remembered the sheet Ashton gave me my first day on tour. I went outside into the tour bus and grabbed it out from under the table. I walked back into the lobby and snuggled up in the sheet and tried to sleep. I couldn't get much sleep, I was laying on the pokey fabric of the couch when I saw a light flick on in the stair case and heard foot steps. Just another person getting something from their car in sure. I closed my eyes for a few seconds. When I opened them I saw Ashton walking up to me.

"Your place to stay was the lobby?" He asked smiling.

"Yeah...I guess." I said starting to get up.

"Oh no, don't get up..." Ashton said picking me up and carrying me up the stairs. I put my head down on Ashton's arm and closed my eyes. When we got up the stairs he slowly put me back on my feet. I wrapped my sheet around my shoulders. When I stood up I was close to Ashton I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. 

"Goodnight." I whispered. Ashton bit his lip and I opened the door into the boy's room.


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