How Did We End Up Here?

Things have been rough lately for stage crew worker Miranda. She has to work two jobs just to get by. Until she does a show for 5 Seconds of Summer and she and her friend Daniel get asked to tour with them! Miranda starts to fall for one of the boys but it threatens her job, where if something happened she would have to go back to Montana and face everything she left behind.
*Cover art made with Pic Collage


17. ch.17

During rehearsal I went to grab lunch at a sandwich shop down the street. On my way back some girls stopped me.

"Hey." They said.

"Hi-" I said with my hands full, waiting at the crosswalk. "What do you need?"

"Are you the stage crew girl who's always in picture's and video's with 5 Seconds of Summer?" One of them asked.

"Depends who's asking?" I said walking down the street as they followed me.

"Were huge fans!" The other girl said.

"Can we meet them?"

"I'm not allowed to let you in during rehearsal...but I'll tell you what..." I said finishing crossing the street. 

"What?" One of the girls asked smiling. I reached down into my pocket and grabbed out two of my spare passes

"Come in the normal way and show the ticket people these passes and say Miranda sent you, they'll let you in and I need you to go backstage, they'll point out where to go and then I'll see you and you can meet them and see their show?" I said. The girls screamed and one of them started tearing them up. I always loved seeing happy fans. I don't think I could ever get tired of it.

"Thank you so much" One of the girls said.

"How can we ever repay you?" The other one said.

"Don't worry about it." I said smiling. The girls hugged me and I took the sandwitches back to the arena. I walked in the back door and walked down the hallway and into the stage room. The boys were rehearsing on stage. When I walked in with my hands full of food. Michael smiled and stopped singing. So did everyone else. Someone shouted 'Lunch break' through a mega phone and the boys all came up to me. I handed out sandwiches. And we all ate in the concert seats. I told them about what happened on the way to pick up lunch and they were happy. I was afraid they'd be upset but they weren't...they were really excited. Once lunch was over we finished rehearsal and we started getting ready for the show. After the show the girls came backstage and met the boys. Something seemed off with Luke. After the girls left Luke went outside to get some air. We walked into the tour bus and back to the hotel. Luke was still no where to be found. We were all in the boys room yet again, it was me, Calum, Michael, Nebraska, and Ashton. 

"Okay...what's wrong with Luke?" I asked. No one talked for a minute.

"See that girl...with the long dark red hair" Calum said

"Yeah." I said sitting down in a red chair. 

"Well her and Luke also dated in high school and a little after." Calum said. Everyone was sitting down now.

"Are they going to get togther now?" I asked.

"There's more..." Ashton said.

"Okay..." I said

"This girl...her name is Odessa, and Odessa cheated on Luke..." Calum said.

"Yeah okay, people change" I said.

"There's still more." Michael said.

"She cheated on Luke...six times" Calum said. I sat up in my chair and felt my facial expression change. 

"What?" I said

"Yes." Calum said.

"And he went back to her every single time and believed all her lies." Michael said.

"Oh my god..." Nebraska said.

"So why is she in Canada?" I asked.

"She has family here." Nebraska said.

"We used to be friends-" Nebraska said, Looking down as Michael slung his arms over her shoulders.

"Oh god-" I said standing up and rubbing my forehead. "If I would have known that I would have never invited her backstage." 

"It's fine, you didn't know." Nebraska said.

"It was actually kinda nice of you." Ashton said.

"It would have been nicer if it wasn't Luke's old, cheating girlfriend." Michael said. Nebraska smacked him on the shoulder and Ashton spoke up,

"Michael!" He said. Calum gave Michael a look.

"Look, I have had a crazy long day, I'm just gonna go back to my room and take a shower and go to bed." I said starting to walk away.

"I'll go with you." Nebraska said standing up from Michael's lap and kissing him on the lips. 

"I'll see you tomorrow babe." She said, getting up and following me out.

"I love you." Michael said.

"Love you too." She said blowing a kiss and walking out the door. 

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