How Did We End Up Here?

Things have been rough lately for stage crew worker Miranda. She has to work two jobs just to get by. Until she does a show for 5 Seconds of Summer and she and her friend Daniel get asked to tour with them! Miranda starts to fall for one of the boys but it threatens her job, where if something happened she would have to go back to Montana and face everything she left behind.
*Cover art made with Pic Collage


12. ch.12

We finished breakfast and got in the bus and drove down to the arena. Thank god we weren't late! The manager met us by the door.

"Have you been following the guidelines" He asked smiling

"Yes" I said, my eyes widening, I looked at Luke who was standing right next to me, he looked back at me and we all kept quiet.

"Great!" The manager said.

"Okay lets start rehearsal"

We all walked into the arena and went back stage. 

"Okay-" The manager said

"Miranda and Daniel I need you guys to start getting ready for the show" 

"No problem" I said. I walked away and Daniel followed and I heard the manager talking to the boys as we left. 

"Okay I can get lights ready if you want to do the saw how well I did the drum kit" I said

"Yeah...are we like the manager of like...the crew?" He asked

"I guess so" I said nervously

"Okay lets radio the crew and get everything ready" Daniel said.

"Okay" I said. We walked over to the back room and put on some headsets

"Hi I'm Miranda and I'm the manager can everyone hear me?" I asked. I heard a bunch of yes's...this was a big arena, way bigger than the concert hall in Montana, but I knew I could handle it...I just hoped Daniel could, he seemed to be handling it pretty well. I think he feels bad from this morning.

"Could everyone meet me in the back room?" I asked. Then I heard a bunch of sure's. Soon everyone was gathered in the back room.

"Okay I'm Miranda and this is my partner Daniel and we are the stage crew managers from Montana and I want to know who's in charge of what and how I can help" I said. One girl raised her hand.

"I'm Nebraska, I'm the hair and makeup artist and this is my assistant Tracey" She said, Tracey waved.

"Your name is Nebraska?" I said

"Yeah?" She said

"That awesome name!" 

"Thanks" She said smiling. The lighting crew and everyone else raised their hands. Soon everyone was working. Daniel was unloading instruments and I was with Nebraska getting ready to do hair and makeup.

"So, you're touring with the boys?" She said opening a huge kit full of hair and makeup supplies.

"Yeah" I said un believed by it myself

"Thats really cool, don't tell anyone this but I'm a huge fan" 

"Me, too" I said

" you know if anyone else gets to tour with them?" She asked

"No-" I said

"But they don't have a permanent makeup artist yet" 

"Oooooo!" She said as Luke walked in.

"Hey Luke, this is the hair and makeup artist and my new friend Nebraska" I said

"Hey...hey Nebraska" He said

"Okay what do you want me to do your hair...the normal?" She said

"Yeah" He said. We talked for a while until Luke's hair was done, which took longer than you think it would. Then Ashton came in.

"Hey Ash" I said

"Hey" He said smiling

"Not much needs to be done to your hair-" Nebraska said

"I'm just gonna brush it out and put that bandana back in" 

"Okay" he said. When he left then Calum came in and we did his hair and then...Michael came in.

"Hey" Nebraska said smiling and blushing. Michael looked up at her and smiled, but differently than usual. Nebraska was very pretty she had light brown hair with a few braids in it here and there that were like a teal color, dark eyebrows, Dark brown eyes and light pink lips.

"Hey" Michael said. 

"I love your hair" She said

"I'm just gonna fix this fringe a little bit and put some hair spray in it so it holds"

"Okay" Michael said. I watched them. Nebraska CLEARLY had a thing for Michael...and I think Michael had a thing for her too. It's kinda sweet he's always dying his hair and she's a hairstylist. Soon it was a few minutes till showtime and me, Nebraska, Michael, Calum, Ashton, and Luke were all backstage

"Okay 30 minutes till show-" I said

"You guys ready"

"Yeah" They all said. We sat backstage and talked for a while until the opening act ended. The boys went onstage and I said

"Good luck" I said

"Thank you" Ashton said as he was the last on out onstage. Me and Nebraska talked backstage as the show went on and I listened on the headset to make sure nothing went wrong. 

"Sooooooo" I said

"I think you like Michael"

"" She said

"I will admit I am a Michael girl and Michael, I have to chance"

"You totally like him!" I said lightly pushing her in the shoulder.

"Okay, even if I did what would I do about guys are leaving tomorrow" She said

"Hey, maybe you'll be on that bus tomorrow" I said

"HA! Doubt it" She said

"Hey you never know" I said putting my hands up.



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