How Did We End Up Here?

Things have been rough lately for stage crew worker Miranda. She has to work two jobs just to get by. Until she does a show for 5 Seconds of Summer and she and her friend Daniel get asked to tour with them! Miranda starts to fall for one of the boys but it threatens her job, where if something happened she would have to go back to Montana and face everything she left behind.
*Cover art made with Pic Collage


11. ch.11

When I got back from the pool Daniel was asleep. Thank god. I missed Daniel, he used to be so nice and we'd only been touring for two days and he was already letting it get to him. Daniel is small town, he should have never took this job. I took a shower and got in my pajamas. I was in bed for a while and couldn't sleep so I decided to go on the balcony. The hotel didn't have much of a view on this side, all I could really see from here was the parking lot and the side of a convenience store. I sang to myself quietly in the dark hoping no one could hear me. I knew I had a good voice, but I was insecure about letting people hear it. It just...makes me feel stupid I don't know...I stayed outside until I got cold and went back in. I watched a spanish drama show that I couldn't understand for a bit. My phone buzzed. I picked up my phone and saw yet another message from Ashton:

A: you have a good voice

Oh my heard that:M

A:Yeah! Don't be ashamed! It was good

Go to bed! you have a show tomorrow that I have to run! ;):M

A: Then how come you're not asleep


A:  :)

Goodnight Ashton...:M

A: Goodnight Miranda


I woke up to the sun peaking through the curtains at around 8:30. I looked at the piece of paper Daniel had put on the night stand. He was still asleep. I sat up and picked up the papers. 'Guidelines for tour success' they were called. I threw a pillow at Daniel. He woke up instantly. Before he could speak I said

"What the hell is this?" I asked.

"The manager gave it to me" He said

"It looks kind of important, why didn't you tell me about it"  I asked

"I figured you would see it in the morning" He said. I looked at the sheet which was neatly typed in Comic sans.  'Step one: wake the boys up at 7:00'


"Sorta!" He said 


"Sorry" he said.

"No Daniel I don't wanna hear it! you've been so irresponsible lately-" I said

"You're going to get me fired!" I said slamming the door behind me. I knocked on the their door loudly. 

"C'mon wake up!" I said, fearing for my job, Calum finally answered.

"Woah, you look like crap" Calum said laughing

"Please tell me their awake in there" I said

"No, their not, why what time is it?" He said

"Eight thirty" I said quietly.

"Oh shit" He said running in

"Can I follow that bad?" I yelled from outside the door

"GET IN HERE!" He said. I race-walked in 

"Wake Luke up" He said


"JUST DO IT!" He said. I shook Luke's shoulder

"Wake up." I said quietly. He made a groaning noise and moved away from my arm.

"LUKE GET UP!" I said louder. He rolled over and looked at me.

"What time is it?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"eight thirty" I said quietly

"oh shit!" He said

"Woah. you guys are really similar" I said. Luke flew past me and into the bathroom, I heard the shower turn on. Soon the light was on and the band was getting ready.

"Do you want me to get you guys some breakfast?" I asked.

"Sure" MIchael said combing his hair and looking into a mirror on the wall.

"Okay I'll be right back" I said

"You might wanna put some normal clothes on" Michael said. I looked down at my pajamas

"Shit! yeah good idea" I said walking back into my room. I rooted through my duffel bag and pulled out a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. I put on my black keds, brushed my hair, threw the bandana in it and started out the door.

"When I get back you'd better have that list memorized backwards and forwards" I said to Daniel who was no help to me at all. I walked down to the McDonald's and ordered 6 McMuffins and 6 Hashbrowns and 6 Coffees. The service was fairly quick and I walked quickly back down to the hotel with my hands full of McDonalds bags...Thanks Daniel. I went up the elevator and back to the room. By the time I got back they were all ready and sitting on the couch watching the spanish drama special I was watching last night. 

"Okay I bought some Mcmuffins, Hash Browns, and that fine" I asked

"Yeah!" Michael said lighting up. I laid out all the food on the table in front of them.

"Alright, I'm going to give this food to Daniel than we have to hurry down to the arena so we can do rehearsal" I said.

"No! stay and eat with us!" Calum said.

"I'll be right back" I said smiling and walking to our room next door.

"Here" I said putting Daniels breakfast on the table by the fridge.

"Thanks" Daniel said walking over to me.

"No thank you, for all your help" I said

"We have to be at rehearsal at 10 meet you in the parking lot" I said leaving.



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