How Did We End Up Here?

Things have been rough lately for stage crew worker Miranda. She has to work two jobs just to get by. Until she does a show for 5 Seconds of Summer and she and her friend Daniel get asked to tour with them! Miranda starts to fall for one of the boys but it threatens her job, where if something happened she would have to go back to Montana and face everything she left behind.
*Cover art made with Pic Collage


10. ch.10

I closed the door behind me and put me duffel bag on the bed closest to the window and set my suitcase next to the air conditioning unit. I saw Daniel out of the corner of my eye.

"Hey" I said unzipping my duffel bag

"Hey" Daniel said, leaning against the wall by the other bed.

"I'm going to the pool" I said grabbing my swim suit and walking out the door. I hit the elevator button that read lobby and actually showed up at the lobby. I was happy. For once I was actually a guest at a hotel, I was kind of excited. I grabbed a cookie from a table and followed the arrow that said pool. When I got there I opened the pool door with the blue plastic card. I walked into the pool bathroom and locked the door behind me. I changed into my swimsuit which was a blue star top with red bottoms. I walked out and set my clothes on a lounge chair and remembered to take the bandana out of my hair before jumping into the deep, cold pool. I swam laps for a long time untill I thought I heard a tapping at the glass door. I ignored it and kept swimming until I heard a faint "Miranda" coming from outside the pool door. I took my head out from the water. I saw Ashton standing at the door. I climbed out of the pool and walked over to the door with my arms crossed, suddenly feeling the cold air from getting out of the pool. I opened the door.

"Whats up?" I asked.

"Oh ya know...not much" He said, running his fingers through his hair and smiling.

"Cool" I said, trying not to shiver

"Don't you have a pool pass?" I asked

"No, I didn't get one I was hoping someone would be down here to let me in" He said.

"Oh, yeah" I said.

"Are you cold?" He asked.

"No, I'm fine" I said lying.

"Here" He said smiling and handing me a towel.

"Thanks" I said grabbing the towel out of his hands and wrapping it around my body.

"Where are the other guys?" I asked walking around the pool and putting my feet in the pool, he followed at sat next to me.

"Oh, they didn't want to come" He said

"Oh okay" I said. We talked and laughed for hours. Soon it was later than I thought when I started to feel tired.

"We'd better get going you guys have a show to do tomorrow." I said.

"Yeah you're right" He said standing up and helping me up.

"I'll walk you back to the room" He said as I put on my 'happy camping' tank top on over my swimsuit and carried the rest of my clothes. When we left the pool I looked at the clock...2am we were at the pool longer than I thought. I hit the first floor button in the elevator. Me and Ashton talked more in the elevator. I was surprised no fans came up to us, it was kind of nice to have a moment with Ashton without being worried about work or fans, he was actually really cool. I never thought one of my best friends would be in one of my favorite bands, it something most people only imagine. Considering Daniel was being difficult lately and my friends are in Montana and have no idea I'm even gone, The boys are the closest thing I have to a friend. 

"Well I guess here we are" He said 

"Yeah" I said smiling

"I'll see you tomorrow"

"See you then" He said walking into his room. 

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