Thus With A Kiss I Die

I was homeless, he was practically royalty.
I was broken, he was perfect.
I had a past I couldn't forget, he had a past you wouldn't want to.
We were not made for each other in this world, so we built a sanctuary where we were made of each other.
He was my oxygen, and then they took him away?


2. 1.2

We stood there forever and a day, until he finally pulled away, leaving a few drops of crimson blood on my should from his bleeding nose.

'I'm sorry about you nose babe' I say looking up at him, now only touching by my almost desperate grip of his hands.

'It's okay babe, it doesn't hurt' he lies, I know he is lying but I don't call him up on it. I kiss his thin red lips, tasting his blood on his top lip.

'Okay' I whisper, I pull back and he smiles slightly.

'It's getting late' he says pointing to his window where the black curtains hang only half closed and the darkening sky is visible between the gap.

'I should go' I tell him 'My parents will wander where I am' this is also a lie but he cannot read a person like I can, so with a final kiss he drops my hands and turns to pick up my shirt and belt, I watch him pick them up and return them to me, I take in every elegant movement.

'You could stay the night' He suggests as I pull my T-shirt on. I shake my head, no.

'I can't, my parents will worry' I tell him again and he takes hold of my hand again and we walk out of his bedroom, down the hall, down three flights of stares and to his front door,

'Master Way?' A woman's delicate voice echoes, through the room, Gerard kisses me gently 'Your mother wants you' he drops my hand with a small sigh,

'I'll be there in a second' he calls back 'love you Frankie, see you tomorrow' he kisses me again and then we both turn to leave.

How can he love me? Me? When he is him, how can he love me?

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