Little Red Ridin Hood


1. Love at first sight!

~Angels p.o.v~

I giggle a bit as Sophia tackled Kate to the ground tickling her. I shook my head and walked pat them hearing Sophia shout,"Tell me Kat! You know I will get it out of you!"

I walk into the wide open front door and set the box I was carrying, down. I look around,'Well this is going to be a long week.' I thought and sigh. I hear Sophia stop shouting and I hear running. I turn around and get tackled by my two younger siblings, screaming. I shove them off of me,"What the hell guys! You can't just run up to some one and tackle them,yelling! This isn't football!"

They point outside and I stand up. I dust myself off as they do the same. I roll my eyes and step outside and looked around. I see 13 people standing on our lawn, looking dumbfounded. I sigh,"Girls is just a bunch of people. They ain't gonna hurt ya. Now go get the rest of those boxes and pick y'alls rooms. I say hello to these nice people and grab your paint you want."

I walk over to the group and smile,"I am might sorry for them girls. They just get spooked easily. I'm Angel Sweetheart. Just moved into this cozy little house from Texas. Those are my younger sisters Sophia and Kate Sweetheart. Their twins. They died their hair so no one can call them the other. I reckon y'all live around here. It's nice to meet y'all." I say and see that some laugh as Sophia trips over a rock.

I shake my head,"Now careful there, las! Those are the plates. You can't go breakin them and expect us to by more. We ain't got no jobs right now." I yell jokingly at her as she laughs and runs into the door that Kate closed.

I burst out a laughin and walk over to her,"Quit looking at them boys and get your job done. When y'all are done come back outside and meet the boys." I said helping her up an winking.

I see her blush and laugh. I walk back over to the group,"Hi I'm Emily Young. It's very nice to meet you Angel. An your family. Seth here says that you just moved in so I made you some homemade muffins. And to tell you welcome to La Push. If you need anything just find any of the boys and ask them for help. They get bored easily and need something to do sometimes." A woman said with a scar on her right eye.

I smiled and gladly except the basket of muffins,"I would invite y'all to stay for lunch but our house is a mess. Maybe by this weekend we can have it clean and ready for people to come over." I said and Emily smiles and nods.

I hear Sophia giggle next to me an look to where she is looking. I chuckle and look forward seeing Emily replaced with a tall, muscular, well built man. I trail my eyes up his heat and to his deep chocolate brown eyes,"Emily had to go back home and finish with lunch. Uh I you need anything just whistle and some of the boys will be right over." The man said and looked down at my fragile figure.

I smiled and nod as the group walks away and disappears into the woods. I walk back inside with Kate dragging a love struck Sophia behind her. I walk into the kitchen an set the basket down and smile contentious.'That man...he was quite handsome. He was tall, muscular, tan. And my god his eyes were like deep dark chocolate. They matched his dark brown hair. My god he was perfect. I felt as if something clicked between us when our eyes meet.'

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