Reject (5sos)

You Promised me forever...

You kept that forever... You kept the Us...


2. Chapter 1

Samantha pov:

I woke up went my mom turned my lights on and slammed the door shut. I turned on my cell and saw it was only 6:30. Why am I awake already? I rolled out of bed slowly and headed towards my closet. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans an a solid black hoodie as I added a morning playlist to my cell. I selected mainly some Miley Cyrus, the summer set, all American rejects, and iggy azalea.

I headed to my bathroom and looked into what I called the "death mirror" because it was my enemy and killed me inside. I looked like shit as always. I washed my face and applied foundation, mascara, and a light gold color eyeshadow. Since I always sleep with my hair in a braid I undid the braid and brushed out all the tangles. I pulled my hair into a high ponytail and brushed my teeth not even bothering to eat first knowing I would be able to keep it down. I slipped on my tennis shoes and grabbed my backpack as I turned off the lights.

Sitting in my living room couch I put my headphones in and listened to wrecking ball. My two dogs Chloe and Zoie say under my propped up feet and went back to sleep. My mom came out of we room shortly after and pulled out my headphones. "Why must you always listen to music?" I ignored her and headed toward the front door putting on my purple coat. My mom followed me and I could feel the hatred coming from my mom, piercing my neck.

I got into the passenger seat and she drove me to the junior high. It was now 7:15, I hopped out of the car noticing no body else was on the sidewalk. 4 busses had just pulled up and only 2 people were in my bus. I sat down in my seat at the back and continued to listen to music as I waited to pull out of the parking lot.

***at the school***

When we pulled up to the high school a flood of people were running into the building. It was really cold outside so I don't blame them. I walked into the locker room and went towards my gym locker. My lock was on backwards.

"Fuck" I mumbled under my breath. Who did this I wonder. Oh well it could be anyone.

Everyone at this fucking school hates me. I tried about 30 times to unlock it and finally unlocked it with just two minutes until the five minute bell rang. I shoved my bag into the locker and headed for home room just as the tardy bell rang. I quickly sat down to pretend I had been there the whole time because my teacher as an eight grade teacher and I didn't have her till next year. She doesn't even know my name. I coughed into my shoulder during the moment of silence and got shushed. Sorry I'll hold my breath and passed out next time, I thought. I sat down and waited for announcements to be over.

****end of the last required classes***

and I headed off to choir bumping into tho someone as they ran out in front of me.

"Watch it what ever your name is." They yelled as they went into their study hall.

I walked into the music room and took a seat in the alto section. I hates the sound of my own voice I dot even know why I joined in the first place. We ran through our christmas songs and packed up. I went to the locker room and grabbed my stuff. "

Fuck" I muttered to myself. My lock was on backwards again. I nearly missed the bus because if some senior bullies. When I got off the bus I walked to my moms car. She unlocked the doors and drove me home. I got out of the car and heads inside as she pulled away to the store. I got on my cell and I wish I hadn't.I got onto my phone and immediately wish I hadn't.

"Fuck off. You deserve to die. You were never loved and you were a mistake if human nature."

We're all unknown numbers and I ran into my bathroom. I needed something sharp. I grabbed the first thing I saw. A razor. I rolled up my sleeves and slit into my shoulder and wrist. I went to my bedroom without dinner and went to sleep for the night.

**next morning**

I woke up to the sound of dog feet walking into my room. I rolled out of bed and headed do my closet. I grabbed an American Eagle Martin and yellow hoodie and skinny jeans. I turned my phone back on seeing even more hate. I threw my phone at the wall and started getting dressed when my mom walked in seeing my cuts.

She stared at them as she said "hurry we are getting ready to leave."

I gulped and nodded as she walked out of the room. I ran to the bathroom to finish getting ready. Mascara and eyeshadow was all I needed since I was feeling shitty and lazy. I cleaned out my binder and walked to the car waiting for my mom. She came out at 8:00 and drove me to school without a word. I got out of the car and walked unto the bus. Sitting down I pulled out my phone and headphones before dozing off and awaking at the high school. I walked off the bus along with a flood of angry teens. I headed to the locker room and put my stuff away and headed to home room. The bell rang as I sat down. I sit in the back of the room and you would think nobody would be looking at me. But with my luck the teacher made a seating chart with the back of the room to the front. I switches seats and the teachers were called down to an emergency meeting. Mrs.Inness walked out and then the hate came like a tsunami.

"Look at the slut. Why is she wearing a baggy hoodie. She's fat enough already she shouldn't wear that." One guy said more likely known as the most popular kid at school.

"Freak show! Freak show!" I

felt like I was going to cry.

"Look she's crying!" Was said followed by laughter.

I put my head down on my desk

"freak show! Freak show!"

I have had enough I picked up my things and ran into the bathroom locking myself into the stall. I threw up my breakfast and curled into a ball crying my heart out. It must have been pretty loud because at that moment I heard footsteps.

"Are you okay? Do you need me to get someone?" A boy asked sympathetically.

Why did he care. I replied with a breathless,"yes please."

"Can you unlock the door so I can help you to the nurse?"

I unlocked the door and I saw a very hot boy. He had dirty blonde hair in a quiff and blue green eyes. He was wearing a nirvana shirt and a blue beanie and skinny jeans. Oh damn. I helped me up and took me to the nurse but the nurse wasn't here today and the sub dropped out last minute so the boy sat me down on the bed in the nurses room.

"You don't have to stay." I told him when he sat down next to me.

"I want to though. It would be a pleasure to spend the day with a beautiful girl." I fell asleep next to him as he played in his iPod.

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