My dairy💖

Its a surprise!!


2. Monday the 1st of Febuary.

 Hi. I'm sooo sorry. I know I'm a horrible person who hasn't written in ages but I hadchicken pox and mum has been watching me like a hawk. She wouldn't stop  hovering and giving me meds that made me sleepy. Yeah, yeah, I know its just cause she loves me and was worried but it was majorly annoying. Any way I'm back at school tomorrow (well today now, I really shouldn't be writing at half one in the morning) and guess who the new boy is? Yup, the cute one that I bumped into at the mall. Don't get the wrong idea I'm not stalking him, the only reason I know is cause Kenna sent a pic of "the cute newbie" to cheer me up. His name is Nate and we have biology together not that I expect him to recognise me or anything.

Any way I better go. I have school in a few hours. 


Cait. Xx

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