Harry's Adopted Sister

Teagan is a sixteen year old girl who has gone through so much more than any one should ever go through. What happens when one day she gets adopted and her normal life quickly changes and she ends up living being adopted by her idols parents. Will everything finally be good in Teagan's life? Will there be love or just another disappointment for her. Read Harry's Adopted Sister to find out.


2. Chapter One

Teagan's POV My names Teagan Grace Scott. I'm sixteen and I live in The Sunshine Orphanage. I've been here since I was seven after my parents were killed in a house fire. I go to the local high school and play field hockey for the school. I am popular but I'm not like most popular people I'm nice to everyone and help others when they need it. Today after school I had a day off from practice since it started to rain at the beginning of practice. Since it was a Friday the coach decided to just give us a day off. I didn't have a car since I can't afford to get one. Yes I have my license but I can only use it when Mrs. Jones needs me to go somewhere for her. The nice thing is she gives me money whenever I do so I use that to go out with my friends and save up for when I'm eighteen and move out of here since I'll probably never get adopted. By the time I get back to the orphanage I'm soaking wet and I slowly walk in to hear all the kids quiet. That only happens when someone is here to adopt someone. I go up to my room since more than likely they will want to adopt a younger child. I take a quick shower and put on a pair of sweat pants and a one of my field hockey sweat shirts. I take out my homework since I don't have a phone or a laptop so my grades are amazingly good since I have no distractions. I turn on the tv in my room and put it on the music channel. Night Changes by One Direction comes on and I smile. I love One Direction. This may sound stupid but they have saved my life, so many times I have thought to end it but I would listen to music on the tv and one of their songs would come on and I would rethink it. Mrs. jones realized this and got me all their CDs so I can listen to them whenever I want. I start my homework and start to sing along to the song when there's a knock on my door. "Come in!" I say as I concentrate on my physics book. "Hi Teagan. So someone would like to talk to you is that okay?" Mrs. Jones asks. "Of course!" I say with a smile and look up from my book. "Okay give me a minute I'll bring them up." She smiles and closes the door. I smile thinking maybe this will be the time but realize it will just be like all the other times and start to study and do my homework again. There's a knock on the door then it slowly opens. I keep concentrated on my book and write the notes I need. "Umm hi Teagan?" I hear a women's voice. I look up and smile. This women looks really familiar. "Hi!" I say smiling and closing my book. "Hi sweetie. My names Anne Twist. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about yourself." She saying smiling. Wait Anne Twist? That's why she looks familiar she's Harry Styles mom! "Yeah sure! Well my names Teagan Grace Scott. I'm sixteen I'm originally from Ireland so that's why I have an Irish accent. I have been in and out of the orphanage since I was seven. I was put here because my parents died in a house fire and I had no family to go to. I love playing sport field hockey and being around my friends. I'm really good at school work. Umm and this is awkward but I love One Direction they have saved me so many times..." I said looking down both ashamed and embarrassed about everything I just said. "Hey sweetie it's okay. I really like you. I was wondering if I could adopt you? I think Robin and myself miss having someone around the house. And Gemma would love to have a sister and Harry always wanted to be an older brother what do you think?" She asks with a small smile. "I would love to." I say smiling. She smiles and nodded her head. "Alright get packed!" She smiles and walks out. I nodded my head and started to pack the little things I had. Maybe just maybe my life will be going right for once. A/N Heyyyy so I'm Teagan! I'm new at this so sorry if it sucks. But if you have any feed back or ideas just message me or leave a comment. Please no hate though! Hope you enjoy! ~Teagan <3
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