My New Stepbrother (AU)

What happens when the schools most popular girl happens to become the step sister to one of the schools most popular boys? What happens since his best friend his her enemy?


2. Chapter Two

I woke up this morning to loud music and a door slamming. "Can you shut up?!" I screamed. "No it's 6 we are leaving in an hour get the fuck up or I'm leaving." Niall yelled. I honestly hate him so much. I have tennis today which means I wear my uniform to school so really I don't have to be awake for another half hour but whatever I don't want to fight. I got up showered and changed into my uniform. Honestly it's a little short and tight but I like it. I walked downstairs and got something to eat and sat at the kitchen table next think I know Niall is sitting across from me. "Alright listen. I'm sorry." Niall said but I interrupted him by chocking on my drink. "What?" I asked quickly. He just shushed me and kept talking. "I'm sorry I am such a dick to you. I honestly don't understand this whole rival thing that is going on between your group and mine. I know we have a past between the two of us that no ones knows but that's behind us and we both know that. Can we just get along at home and act like we did before at school? I mean your my younger sister now I can't bully my sister." He said with a small smile I looked him in the eyes and could tell he was serious. "Agreed Niall. But you can't bully your sister but you'll date her for six months?" I say with a small laugh. "Alright hey lets not talk about that! Yes we did things and I loved you but we love each other in different ways now." He said with a laugh. I smiled at him. "So Niall? Umm what are we going to do about our friends?" "Hmm what do you think just tell them. They won't do shit to you because your my sister now and we have an agreement that we protect each other's families." "I though you said you didn't want me to act like I know you?" I asked. "Alright today I'll have my friends come over after school okay? You have tennis obviously so come home after that and we will start there okay?" I nodded in agreement. I got up and walked to my car since my dad left a note saying Niall could use his. "Teagan!" Niall yelled and ran up to my car before I could leave. "First unroll your skirt your going to get called a slut by the guys if you don't. Second good luck today. Third give me your phone number since I don't have it anymore. And fourth don't believe me if I say anything mean to you today." He said with a smile. I rolled my eyes did as I was told and drove away. It was a ten minute drive to school and once I got there I parked and got out of my car. I saw Niall and the rest of his friends all sitting there with a bunch of girls around them. It's disgusting me and Niall will have a talk about this whole hook up with people thing we need to figure out that because I don't need to walk in on anything. I rolled my skirt up just to piss him off since you know I'm now a little sister and it's fun plus it cuter. I had to walk by then in order to be able to get to my locker. As I walked by I saw Niall and I could see the anger in his face I could see guys looking at me as I walked by but not his friends of course. I made my way in the school and went through a normal school day. Being called a slut by the annoying group of guys that my "brother" calls friends. Then went to tennis and had my match. It was a quick match which we won then went home after getting multiple texts from Niall asking where I was and telling me dinner was ready. I drove home and saw four cars in the drive way which means they are here. I shut the car door and went into my house. I heard the tv blasting with the sounds of a video game and the yells of the idiots playing it. Here goes nothing I thought to myself I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Gatorade then walked into the living room to see the four people I've been dreading to see and one who I might kill depending on the outcome of this. Suddenly the shouting and the game stopped and I got glared at. "Niall what is that doing here?" Louis snarled at me. "Oh Louis didn't Niall tell you? This is my house too." I smirked. His face dropped. You see the other three don't really bother me it more because of Louis honestly it's me and Louis who hate each other and the others just get dragged into it. "You live here?! Why did daddy leave you just like mommy so Niall mom felt bad for you?" He snapped at me. He knows that's a weak point for me and uses it whenever he can I could feel the tears coming to my eyes and I tried to blink them away and come up with something to say but couldn't. "Oh poor baby. Are you going to cry?" He smirked. "He finally realized how much of a slut you really are? And didn't want to be around you since he knows your going to turn into what your mommy is?" He added. And this point I lost it. I never thought I would cry in front of them but I did and Niall lost it which shocked me. "Okay stop!" He yells which caused everyone to look at him. "She's my new stepsister you dumbass! And don't you ever say anything about her like that again okay?! She's nothing like we have called her or anything! And I'm sick of hearing that she is! I swear if any of you say one more thing like that about her or about her mom then I will kick your ass got it?!" He screamed as he grabbed me and hugged me. "Niall why didn't you tell us? And how would you know how long have you known her honestly just the other day you were talking about her." Louis sassed back. "Okay well sorry Tea but we dated last year for six months. And because I didn't find our until yesterday." He said. "Guys. I honestly think this whole feud thing is stupid can we stop it?" I asked from Niall's chest. I looked and saw all the guys nod except Louis who looked like he was thinking. "Yeah whatever."He said while texting someone. "Hey Teagan?" Niall asked. "Yes Niall?" "Do you want to skip school tomorrow with us?" He asked Louis' head suddenly snapped up from his phone. "Woah wait! I agreed to put this feud behind us not hang out with her!" He said which earned a slap in the head from Harry. I smiled at that. "Yeah sure but I swear if you wake me up I will personally kill whoever did." I said as I got up from Niall's hold. "I'm going to go upstairs night." I said and walked up the stairs. "Night." I heard from them. I got up to my room and smiled. Maybe just maybe this isn't so bad I thought to myself.
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