My New Stepbrother (AU)

What happens when the schools most popular girl happens to become the step sister to one of the schools most popular boys? What happens since his best friend his her enemy?


1. Chapter One

"Teagan can you come here please?!" My father yelled up to me from the living room while I was in my room. Hmmm 4:30 he's home early I thought. I got off my laptop and walked downstairs. I saw my dad sitting on his favorite chair and I sat across from him on the couch. "Hi dad you're home early." I said sitting down and looking at him. "Well sweetie you know how I have been dating someone correct?" He asked getting straight to the point. I nodded my head. "Well tonight she is coming over with her son and they will be moving in with us and well we are engaged. " He said with a smile. "Wait what? First she has a son now they are moving in? I knew you were getting engaged I saw the ring one day but what?!" I said. He nodded. "How old is he? Will I finally have a little brother?!" I asked very excited. "You'll find out soon. Go get ready wear something nice please." He said. I quickly stood up and went to get ready. Now I understand why he made us move to a bigger house last week. I kind of like it though since no one knows where I live now so no one bothers me about parties. I showered and changed into a cute white top with a pair of leggings. I left my hair down and natural so it was curly and put on a minimal amount of make up. I grabbed my IPhone 6 and started to text my best friend Hayley. We started to talk about a party that is suppose to happen this weekend at Louis Tomlinson's house. Louis Tomlinson is a arrogant senior boy who parties and sleeps with girls then leaves them. He is the most popular boy in our school along with his four friends Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. They are all the most popular boys in school and all seniors. Now as for the popular girls that would be me and my friends. We are all juniors and basically rule the school as some people say. I don't like to think like that. Yes I'm popular and yes I have parties and party on the weekends but I'm not one of those popular girls who bullies and hates people. The only people I hate are the group of idiotic senior boys. You'd think that since we are the two most popular groups in school we'd get along right? Wrong we can't stand each other things have happened between certain people in the groups and it can't be said because of the hate and the idea of it wants to be forgotten. Me and Hayley continue texting until the door bell rings and my dad yells for me to answer it since he is getting ready. I tell Hayley I have to go and go to answer the door. I open the door to see a blonde hair blue eyes boy looking at me who I honestly don't want to see right now. "Niall what do you want?" I asked in a wicked disgusted tone. "Ummm my mom told me I have to have dinner with my soon to be step father and step sister..please tell me I have the wrong house." He groans. "I don't think so.." I reply with wide eyes. "Sweetie I see you've met your new brother. I know he's not a younger brother like you hoped but I'm sure you'll get along." My dad said as he walked down the stairs with I'm guess my soon to be step mom Maura. "I know him dad he's a friend of mine from school." I say quickly with a fake smile. He nodded and both of them left for the kitchen. "Friend? I'm far from your friend Teagan." Niall snaps. "Well we have to act like we like each other for their sake. I'm not ruining my dad's relationship because I can't get along with a dick like you." I reply while rolling my eyes. He glared them begins to text. "No one finds out about this agreed?" He asked. I nodded. "Fine then welcome to the family little sis." He smirks. I'm going to hate this. I think to myself. Soon enough we have dinner and talk and get to know each other better. I like Maura and Niall he seems really nice again but I know it's an act. And even if it's not I can't because of his friends. I would rather sell of my belongings the associate with them. After dinner we all just talked and I showed Niall where his room is which unfortunately is right across from mine and the only other room on the floor since before I had a floor to myself. Before I went to bed my dad told us he had to talk to us. We both walked downstairs acting as if we were getting along even though he just called me a spoiled bitch but whatever. Once we sat both my dad and Maura smiled at us. "So we just wanted to let you know that we made this move today because me and Maura are going on a two month vacation starting tomorrow and didn't want either of you two to be alone." My dad said. I was shocked this can't be happening. No way in hell am I staying with him alone for two months. I just nodded my head and went up to bed. I started to fall asleep only to be woken up by my door opening. "Okay I'm having people over this weekend so you can't be seen or heard got it. And be up early for school tomorrow my mom said I'm driving you so be ready for 7 or you don't have a ride." Niall said then shut my door before I could respond. All I can say is why the fuck does this have to happen to me.

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