An Enigma in a Bow

The story of Brynlee


1. Prologue

It was July 8, when their mother went missing. The whole family hoped for her return, but it would not happen. Evelyn, the innocent girl, was not able to comprehend. It was way over her head. But, Bryn understood it quite clearly. Bryn understood that she would not be back. She just did not get why. But, she knew that when she woke up with scars all over, because her father had said it was her fault, the secret had been told. But, Evelyn was too gullible, too young. She did not get that their father was not thinking she went for a trip. He knew what happened. But, Evelyn skipped along, thinking it was normal. But, this was not normal.

                Bryn was sick of being treated poorly. She hated that her father made it her fault, for something she had no control over. She did not want his pain taken out on her and Evelyn. It was not right, nor, had it ever been right. Bryn was done. Done with the pain. Done with the screaming. No matter what their father said it was not her fault. No one could control what their mother had done with her life. If their father found out about the lie sooner, it might have stopped.  But, the lie was sneaky. It was a sneaky person. No one wanted the lie to get around to their father. He was helping her. Or at least they thought it was.  Bryn was sick of her father taking it out on the innocent. Their mother was not the real reason. It was his anger. His anger from the lying. The lying because of their mother. Their mother, who told them to lie straight through their teeth. Their father could not stand it. The belt, his hand, the only way for him to make them stop. But, they would not. He was the liar, he was the reason they lied. Bryn was over it. The screaming, the tears that came before the scars. The reason Bryn had to lie about the scars, they were not from falling, or a bad dance practice. They were caused by lying, that caused more lying. An endless cycle.

                Their mother going missing was not a lie. No one knew where she went. But, their father thought Bryn knew, he tried to get it out of her.  Bryn did not know, nor will she ever. Their mother was not like that, she would not worry them. But, why was she worrying them now? Bryn thought the lies had gone too far. That the lie had finally taken their mother.  For a while, Bryn did not miss her. She added to her pain, whether she was there or not. If she was not there, Bryn thought maybe there would be less pain. But, it got worse. For 5 more years, Evelyn and Bryn had scars all over.

                The lie had come and conquered. Conquered and taken yet, another innocent person away. He wanted to take them one by one. Destroying their relationship with all the others. Then taking them all together. Taking their innocence, their rights as humans, and some their virginity. By making them feel that they owed him the honor. Then, he made them disappear into his closet of toys. The closet of toys that makes the police after him. The toys in his game were not the good girls. They all had agreed. They all knew, but they did not expect for the game to take their lives.

                Their mother had never been innocent. She tried for the papers multiple times. To make what she was doing legal. But, each time their father would hide the papers. Their mother was to stupid to realize that the lie would not, “let her keep what she wanted”. The lie was too smart to let her get away. It would be too big of a risk to take. But, he was too dumb to hide what was happening. Too dump to keep her from telling anyone about it. Both so dumb, but their mother was dumber. She fell into the closet of toys used in a disgusting game.

                Bryn was too smart to be messed with like that, even though the lie tried. No more being open for Bryn, other than with her father. She wanted to be a mystery. She wanted that when someone heard about her, they would be intrigued. She wanted to be like her mother, but more thought out. She wanted to be and enigma. But, a well put together enigma. An enigma tied in a pretty bow.

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