An Enigma in a Bow

The story of Brynlee


2. Part 1: An Enigma of Clues: Chapter 1: A Visit

*Note: Please read Prologue if you have not already done so.*


                Bryn rubbed the black and blues that covered her skin. The scars made her beautiful skin look horrible. No matter how many ointments she put on, her body would scar. She hated looking hurt. There were too many questions that came with looking hurt. When the kids at school asked she said she had fallen. They believed her in the beginning, but not after three years of “falling” every day. They must have really thought she was clumsy before most of them figured it out. Bryn was sick of looking ugly, when she knew that she was actually pretty.  Her teacher stared at her Bryn’s face was scarred. Bryn sank into the seat. She did not want to be seen. No one would understand why her father would do this to her. It had been 5 years, but nothing changed. The belt would always be her father’s best friend.

                The school bell finally rang. They were dismissed from school. It was only 16 hours until she would be standing in another line to get back in. She did not know what was worse, her father or the bullying. She deiced it was definitely her father.

                Bryn strolled along the side walk with her head down. She listened to Evelyn ramble on about her day.

                “And Gabe said he didn’t believe in sharks! Isn’t that crazy!”

                “Super Crazy,” said Bryn, rolling her eyes.

                “How’s Maddie?”

                ‘Eve, I don’t know!”

                Evelyn looked down. She stopped in her path.

                “Ms. Shuster asked me about my boo-boos. I told her.”

                “You’re not supposed to!”

                “She gave me a cookie!”

                “A cookie! I can’t believe you!”

                “It was chocolate chip.”

                “Oh well, you need to stay quiet.”

                Bryn looked down the street to their house. A cop car was in front of it.

                “Look what you did! Let’s go!” screamed Bryn.

                The girls ran home. Their father was talking to the cop.

                “Here’s the girls know. See they’re perfectly fine.”

                Bryn tried to crack a smile. She did not want it to continue, but she did not want to go to an orphanage. She looked at little Evelyn. She was too innocent to go to an orphanage.

                “Hi, Mr. Cop. My name is Evelyn, but you can call me Eve,” said Evelyn.

                “Hello, Eve, my name is John.”

                “Hello, Mr. John.”

                Evelyn shook John’s hand.

                “Eve, can I look at your arm?”

                “Yes, Mr. John.”

                He rolled up her sleeve. Her arm was badly bruised. He shook his head and rolled her sleeve back down.

                “Sir, she looks beaten. Have you ever beaten her?”

                “She is in rugby and football, a bit of a tom boy, and she gets hurt a lot.”

                “Eve, is this true.”

                Evelyn looked at Bryn. She knew Bryn would slap her if she told.

                “Yes sir. I am as good as the boys.”

                The police officer believed the lie.

                “Thank you. I will be going now.”

                The officer got in the car and left, just like that. The reason was the officer was friend with their father. The girls walked inside. Their father waited for the cop car to be out of sight. Then, he pulled out the belt.



                Bryn woke up the next morning with black and blues and scars. There was blood on the carpet. She examined her arms, they were covered in dry blood. Her skin looked like it was about to crack. A few marks had not scabbed over yet. They were still bleeding. She licked her finger and rubbed it. The blood was as red as a red apple. She looked at the floor. She never made it to her bed last night. She stood up and went over to a clock. She had 40 minutes to get ready for the last day of school. On the floor she saw Evelyn. She looked like she had been run over by a truck. Bryn tapped Evelyn’s shoulder.

                “Eve, wake up. Daddy went to work.”

                There was no answer from Evelyn. Bryn decided to roll her over. Her sister was as light as a feather. She looked at the child’s face. On her mouth was duct tape. On it was a message. “Say anything, and I will kill you!”

                Bryn jumped back. She looked at her sister. She quickly prayed that her sister was not dead. She pulled off the tape from her mouth, carefully. Her mouth was bleeding. Her front teeth were missing. Bryn picked up Evelyn’s head. She looked into her sister’s sky blue eyes. Even her eyes looked in pain.

                “Evelyn, stay with me!”

                No response came out of her sister. She was pale and cold. She was lifeless.


                Bryn went to her room and changed for school. She grabbed a notepad. She took a pencil and wrote something. She placed it in her sister’s cold hand. Then she shut her sister’s eyes. She wiped Evelyn’s body with a cloth and then her own. She tried to get as much blood off as possible. Then, she put on skin colored makeup she had stolen from her friend. She heard a bus come roaring down the street.

                She ran outside to catch the bus. She jumped aboard.

                “Hey, Maddie, I need your help,” said Bryn as she sat down next to her friend, Maddie.
                “What with?” asked Maddie?

                Bryn whispered to Maddie, “He took Evelyn. He’s after me.”

                Maddie looked up. “Which he?” she asked.

                “Father,” said Bryn.

                “We got to get you out of here. Somewhere where neither of them will find you. I found this in front of your house, in front of your mailbox.”.”          

                The girls gave each other a nervous glance. Maddie slipped a piece of paper into Bryn’s jacket.

                The bus stopped at the school. The girls got off. Bryn went to the main office, to tell them that Evelyn would no longer be attending Shrewsbury Elementary. She knocked on the guidance office door.

                “Come in, please.” said the guidance counselor.

                Bryn walked in and took a seat.

                “I need you to fill out this form. It just asked your name and the reason why you are here.”

                Bryn took the form. She was not sure what to put on the form. She put that she was there to discuss absences.  She handed the lady the form. The lady looked over the form.

                “Well, Bryn, I need to just call your teacher to tell her you will be late to class. Then we can talk.”

                Bryn nodded her head. The lady got up and phoned Bryn’s teacher. When she was down she sat back down.

                “So, Bryn, I do not think I have ever met you. My name is Mrs. Randelo. So, what do you want to know about absences?”

                “Um, well this is hard to explain. My little sister, Evelyn Capo will not be attending school anymore.”

                “May I ask why?”

                “Well, um, she is, um, she is dead.”

                “She is what!”

                “She is dead. I woke up this morning and she was dead on the floor.”

                “Well, I am sorry for your loss. Do you know how?”

                “Um, I think she was beaten to death.”

                “Is this why you look beaten, too.”

                “Yes, Mrs. Randelo. My father beat me and Evelyn last night because Evelyn told her teacher.”

                “Well, I will have to ask her why she did not report it.”

                “She did, there was a cop at our house yesterday. Evelyn lied to the cops and said that she was joking. I didn’t say anything, I was scared. But, when the cop left he pulled out his belt.

                “I will have the cops over to your house as soon as possible. I want you to go back to your class, but wash off in the bathroom first.”

                Bryn stood up. She pushed the chair underneath the table. She left the room. She never went back to her class.


                Bryn met Maddie in the girl’s bathroom. Bryn reached into her pocket and took out the note that Maddie had left in her pocket.  The note had something written on it. It read, “Bryn, I will not let you go to him. You are my toy, not his, – T (The lie).” She grabbed a pen and scribbled on the back,” enigmas are hard to figure out. Like my dad. Hard to find the why, but easy to find the who.” She placed this in her backpack, which was left under a sink. She walked into a stall. She called her uncle with Maddie’s phone.

                “Hi, Uncle Marcus, it’s Bryn.”

                “Brynlee-Ann! Why are you calling me during school hours? You shouldn’t be talking to me.”

                “Evelyn’s dead. I need you to pick me up.”

                The line went silent on the other end.

                After about 2 minutes, he finally answered, “I’ll be there in a few.”

                “Bye, Uncle Marcus, I’ll see you later.”

Bryn hung up. Her eyes started to tear at the thought of seeing her sister dead on the floor. Bryn gave Maddie back her phone. Maddie hugged Bryn.

“It’s ok, Bryn. He won’t get you. I won’t let him. I love you.”

“Thanks, I’ll call you as soon as possible.”

Bryn got up, and left. Maddie followed a minute later. Bryn went to the nurse’s office. She walked in. The nurse was doing lice checks.

“Sweetie, if you are here for a lice check, I need you to sit down next to her.”

                “My uncle is going to be picking me up early. My teacher said to come here.”

                “Okay, but I still need you to sit down.”

                Bryn did not mind lying about her teacher sending her down. She did not want to face the bulling. She sat down in a chair next to Harley, a girl in her class.

                “Hey, Bryn, why weren’t you in class?” asked Harley.

                “It’s a long story. Maddie can catch you up.”

                “Ok, do you want me to tell Ms. Partil, you are leaving early?”

                “Can you?”

                “Sure, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

                “Thank you so much,” said Bryn giving Harley a hug.

                “Look in the bathroom when you can.” whispered Bryn.

                “What, why?”

                A man walked in, He had a bushy mustache. He had gray eyes.

                ‘I’m here to pick up Brynlee-Ann.”

                “That’s my uncle. Don’t forget to check the bathroom,” whispered Bryn to Harley. “Hi, Uncle Marcus. Thanks for picking me up!”

                “What’s up, honey buns.” said Uncle Marcus.

                He signed Bryn out. Bryn hugged her uncle. He grabbed her hand. They walked out. They went into his car. Bryn looked at the clock. It was 11:00am.

                “Your dad won’t be home for a while. I wanna go see Eve.”

                “Ok, then we go to your house and make a plan.”

                “A plan?”

                “You’ll find out.”


                The car ride to Bryn’s house was quiet. Bryn looked out the window. There was no one on the streets. Everyone was at work, or at school, or indoors. The fog covered the bright sun. The only noises were the sound of the car engine and rain.

                Uncle Marcus pulled into the driveway. There was a cop car out front. A cop looked like he was going to break in, if he could not get the door open.

                “Hands up or I’ll shoot!” screamed a police officer as Bryn and Uncle Marcus stepped out of the car.

                “I’m the brother of the person who owns this house. And, this is his daughter. I mean the one that isn’t dead,” explained Uncle Marcus.

                “Child step forward,” commanded the police officer.

                Bryn took a step toward the police officer.

                “State your name and business.”

                “My name is Brynlee-Ann Capo. I am the sister of Evelyn Capo, who died. I want to say good-bye to her before I go stay with my uncle, because my father is abusive.”

                “Follow me. Sir, please stay here.”

                Bryn followed the cop. She unlocked the door with her set of keys. The police officers went in first, and then she went in. It looked exactly like it had been when she had woken up, except Evelyn was missing. She looked where her sister had been when she left. There was a note.  It read, “I have two. Two more to go, –The lie.”

                Bryn stuck the note in her pocket when the officers started looking around. She went to her room and grabbed a bag. She put some clothes and books in it. Then she went down stairs. The police officers had let Uncle Marcus in. He was devastated. His face was in pure shock.

                He saw Bryn come down and walked out the door. They got in the car.

                “I can’t believe, Mike, um… Your dad would kill her like that.”

                “I don’t think it was dad. He wouldn’t leave that much evidence. Also, he leaves for work at 3am, The blood was still wet at 7am. I think the lie broke in.”

                “Then, we need to get you out of here!”


                They arrived at Uncle Marcus’s house. Bryn sat in the guest bedroom and thought. She knew she had to get away from the lie, before the lie caught up to her. But, she knew that any plan would be solved by the lie. Although, he could be dumb, he was very smart. She also knew, that if her father found out she was still alive, he would try to blame her for Evelyn’s death. She also, was not sure if it was the lie’s fault. The lie could have teamed with her father, so the lie could get more toys, and share with her father. The only thing Bryn knew for sure was the murder was no accident. There were too many suspects and too little time to figure out what had happened.

                That night, Bryn executed her plan. She did not tell her uncle. She wanted no clues for her father or the lie. She ran downstairs, quietly. She snatched her uncle’s wallet from the dining room table, threw on her backpack and started her mission.









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