Chasing Stars

Do we gaze at the stars because we are human or do the stars gaze at us because we are human? The answer is: no one knows. No one knows what will happen tomorrow, today, or even in an hour. It is a mystery and always baffled man. That is why he has looked to the stars. There are ever constant, never changing, and always there for us. So do we gaze at them because we are human and need answers or for the future?

Logan Lightlorn has a chance to save his race. Can he listen to the Stars? Can he obey the Stars instructions? Will Logan be able to sacrifice all he knows for the chance to save everything he loves? What is so special about Logan? Why do the Stars want him? Is he strong enough to be the Stars voice on earth? Does anyone from the old times remember the Stars from the times before the Voltans?

Why all the questions? All of them so difficult to explain to a simple mundane, but Logan persevered and found the path to his destiny.

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2. Chapter 1

To have a new born baby is a gift. Being a mother is a gift that nature gives and can rip away without a second thought. A child is a precious gift that can also be a danger. It can kill you or it can let you live. "Mrs Lightlorn, please keep breathing." The medi-man shouted. The woman lying on the small green bed nodded. Her face was the picture of calmness. "I'm pretty sure I am breathing. Do I need to do anything else?" She asked as her voice trembled slightly. The pain had been dulled to an ache, but it still was painful after five hours of it. There would be periodic spasms of pain across her stomach, but that was normal as all her friends and textbooks said. She had complete faith in the doctor, he was after all a trained professional. "No that is all," he said and wiped the blood on his white coat. Her face paled when she saw the deep red blood on his crisp white coat. There was a metallic tang of blood in her mouth as she glanced around the black delivery room.


Green lights flashed around her and there, stood in one of the few spot lights was the medi-man. He was grinning, covered in blood and holding a small, silent, blue bundle. "Is that my baby?" She asked quietly. He nodded as tears leaked from her eyes. "Can I hold him?" She reached out her arms for it, but the medi-man moved away from her. "Mrs Lightlorn, you are weak and you need rest. I will get Mr Lightlorn in to care for the baby." He said and walked out of the room, leaving Mrs Lightlorn alone, bleeding out on the operating table, under lights which were slowly cooking her from the inside out. No one knew that the medi-man was actually Fire manifested as a human. He knew that this was the child. This was the wonder child the prophecy had been talking about. His mother had said so, his father had said so, even his siblings had said so. This child would have the power to change the world. This was the child, he thought and carried it into the waiting area.


Mr Lightlorn was stood nervously pacing the floor where so many men before him had stood. So many new and expecting fathers who had grown old with their children. This father was to be different. His child may never grow old. "Here is your son." He said loudly and handed the small squirming bundle to the man. Me Lightlorn took the baby and stared down at the small child in his arms. "Thank you medi-man,' he breathed and gently touched the child's forehead. His black eyes filled up with tears and spilled onto his cheeks. His grey hair was slowly turning brown and his mouth was turned up in a smile. "My little Logan. My Logan, the star of my life." He whispered and kissed one of the tiny fists that were waving in the air. There was a sudden bang and he clutched the baby tight to his chest.


In the delivery room, Fire was staring at the dead body on his table. How could he have been so stupid? A real live person would never have let this happen. They would have noticed that she was freakin' bleeding out. He was just so sure of himself that he had ignored the painfully obvious. Now she was dead. It was such a harsh word. He kicked the operating table and the sound was louder than he anticipated. Faces appeared at the door and he smiled. A nurse walked in and caught sight of the body of Mrs Lightlorn. "Burnzentogh it wasn't your fault," she said reassuringly, but it didn't do anything for him. He had been alive for so long that feelings like pain and guilt meant nothing anymore. Love and loss were but distant memories, memories that faded a bit more every day.


"Mr Lightlorn, I am so sorry about your wife." A nurse placed a tentative hand on his forearm. He shrugged it off and the nurse wasn't offended. "Please, please can I be alone?" He asked quietly while gazing down into the small face and silver eyes of his baby son. "You can be alone. Just shout if you need anything," she said and backed away. Grief changes people. Changes them and warps their mind. He stood with his back to the room and tears spilling down his cheeks. He left the hospital and went back to the house that he bought with his wife. The house they bought for their children to grow up in, to grow old in and to remodel as they changed.


"Logan, welcome home." He said and pushed the door open. The house was light and full of a family feeling. He smiled at the baby and sat down in a sofa which was by the door. An umbrella stand was to his left and the door to his study on his right. "This is where I want you to be happy. This is where we were going to be happy, all of us, as a family. Gemma and I were going to have lots of children with beautiful black eyes and grey hair like you. But now," he took a shaky breath and continued, "now we will just be us two. It takes two, I thought one was enough, it's not true." he sang through his tears. His voice drifted through the large, empty house.


He went to sleep that night with Logan in the room next to his. At exactly twelve hundred hours, Logan cried out in his sleep. Mr Lightlorn climbed out of the bed and cradled the small baby in his arms. "Shh. I'm here. I'm here. Don't cry baby, I'm right here baby. Logan, sweet sweet Logan. I miss mummy too. I miss her so much." He started crying again. "Mummy would want us to move on and keep smiling. She would always say 'a day without a smile, is a day wasted.' She wants us to keep smiling and celebrate the short time we have together." He murmured in a calming voice as the tears poured down his cheeks. Logan chortled up at his father and put a foot in his mouth. "No no, Logan don't do that," he gently chided. Logan squealed and giggled up at his father. They had been forced into the limelight as Gemma had been the first woman to die in childbirth in two hundred years. People wanted to know about the baby, did he want it? Was it even alive? Was he looking for a new wife?


Mr Lightlorn had had enough and Logan was the relief he got from the constant barrage of questions he got. Logan was oblivious to all the fame. He felt with the flashing bulbs of cameras by giggling and trying to catch one. His attempts were fruitless to say the least.


"Dad, I am going to school! See you later!" A boy with grey hair and silver eyes shouted. A man with brown hair slid down the banisters and landed on his feet. The boy walked out of the door and the man called after him. "Logan, what are you missing?" The boy walked back in and kissed the other man on the cheek. "Bye, dad." "May the stars watch over you." He said and patted the grey hair. Mr Lightlorn looked with pride as his fifteen-year-old son met his friends and walked to the bus stop. Mr Lightlorn knew that his wife had died for a reason, he knew that there was a greater power in play. Did he want to tell his son? His son that was half of him and half of the woman he loved with all his heart. It was still amazing him every day that the small baby who he had brought home from the hospital had grown into such a kind and caring young man. He knew that the silver eyes were not exactly normal, but what made Logan so special?


Every parent is meant to say that their child is gifted and special because they were. Mr Lightlorn knew that Logan was more special that anyone in his year at school, in the village and maybe the world. Logan had been born in a special time when Earth was stirring and Stars was reforming.


Mr Lightlorn subconsciously believed all the old folklore that was the foundations that society was built on. He didn't truly believe that it was all real, just that life was sacred and that everything was part of the circle of life.

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