Isla's Eyes

Isla Fray is a detective. She is very young, but very aware of her surroundings. She often gets put down by other people as no one thinks she will be any good. She has one weakness. Men. She has had many summer romances with her clients, but none of them last.

Could it be that her dark past is linked to it? So what will happen when one guy seems to reach Isla more than anyone else has ever managed to?


1. Prologue

They were perfect, those eyes. I found that out not so long ago. I also know that her hair is as soft as a summer breeze. It caressed my body every now and then, as she looked at me through long lashes. They were placed perfectly, and looked beautiful, balanced delicately on the tips of her eyelids. Her fingers were long, as were her nails, but not grotesquely so. I remember the soft feel of her sharp nails tickling my neck. I also remember her heart shaped lips, and how they fitted to mine so perfectly. Her head was the perfect size for my hands to hold, as I looked into her perfect eyes. I saw them spark wickedly and grow dark when the door was closed and the curtains pulled.

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