Summer love

Read it and find out, if you dont like reading about sex dont read it.


1. 26 June 2015

I saw him, I saw Thomas standing there on the parking lot, of course he wasn't alone, he was with all of his friends, all of his cool friends, when i walked by him he looked up and smiled at me, I kinda blushed, looked down and walked faster, when i looked up again I almost bumped into my friend Angelas car, she just stood there and laughed at me.

The next day i woke up in my bed at 12.00 pm and screamed so loud that my mom came running into my room, to ask what was happening, and I just said i dont have to go to school in 2 months and its summer.

when I finally got my act together and went downstairs my big brother had all of his friends over because they had to practice football, my hair looked like crap, I had a crop top on and small shorts, and that wasn't even the worst part, when I looked up I saw Thomas standing by my brothers side, and my brother was always so embarrassing, and of course today wasn't an exception, so out of his mouth came, hows it going Maria you looked good, you just got home from dance class (strip class).

I was in my room all day until my mother came and knocked on the door, because dinner was ready, when I came down Thomas was still here with my brother on the couch, so I went and sat down in the other side of the couch, to look in some magazines, when I was sitting there I couldn't stop noticing that Thomas was looking at me, so I kinda blushed again, it was sp embarrassing so I went over to set the table, my mother asked Thomas if he wanted to stay fore dinner, and he had to say yes, now I have to sit in front of him in a whole hour while eating, and everybody knows you dont look your best while eating, when i was done eating I went outside, to enjoy the summer warmth from the sun, 10 minuts after Thomas comes out to smoke a cigaret, and he sits on the same bench as me.

That night i went to bed with butterflies in my stomach, because that was the night Thomas had put his hand up and down my leg.

That was the night my life and summer would change forever.



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