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Exo fanfic 1


Main protagonist - Aaliyah x Exo Members


Aaliyah, who is an upcoming writer goes for her book signing to New York from Los Angeles, but unexpectedly she meets EXO-K's Kai...and what more ? Kai seems to be falling in love with her...


4. "You have Beautiful eyes"

Aaliyah's P.O.V

I woke up and saw a light streak of sunlight, I stretched my hands and saw that Kai was asleep.

Aaliyah : I still can't believe I'm sitting beside Kai.. ( I thought to myself )

I got up from my seat and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and washed my face with water. I walked back to my seat and sat down.

I saw that Kai woke up and was stretching is hands up ways.

Aaliyah : good morning !

Kai looked at me

Kai : Annyeonghaseyo !

I smiled and he smiled back.

Kai : did you sleep well ?

Aaliyah : yes, yes I did... And you ?

Kai : Ne. Uh be right back.

Aaliyah : sure sure.

Kai got up and went to the bathroom.

I wanted to eat something sweet, so I went to the back where they were a few air hostess and asked them for chocolate, they gave me a Mars bar.

Aaliyah : should I take one more for Kai ?... Guess I will take one..

Aaliyah : can I get one more please ?

Air hostess : sure dear, here you go *gives me another Mars bar*

Aaliyah : thank you !

I went back to my seat.

Pilot : You can now use Wifi on Air. Thank you.

Aaliyah : Awesome !

I messaged my sister.

Aaliyah : yo ! ✅

Baka cherry : what did you reach already ?

Aaliyah : no baka >.> there's wifi in plane. ✅

Baka cherry : oh cool, what you doing ?

Aaliyah : forget bout what I'm doing, guess what ? ✅

Baka cherry : what ?


Baka cherry : no way!!! Your trying to pull my leg right ?

Aaliyah : what you think I'm lying ? ✅

Baka cherry : I want proof

Aaliyah : seriously dude ? I'm telling the truth !! ✅

Baka cherry : nope don't Believe you

Aaliyah : fine >.> *sigh* I gotta go now. I'm watching a movie bye ✅

Baka cherry : okay bye

Just then Kai came back and sat down on his seat.

Pilot : we will be reaching New York in 2 hours now. Thank you.

Aaliyah : oh only 2 hours now huh?..

I open my Mars bar and take one bite. I look at Kai and see that he too is checking his phone, but after a while he puts it back in his pocket.

Aaliyah : guess I will just ask him.. ?

Aaliyah : uh..want one ?

I hand out the Mars bar.

Kai : oh can I ?

Aaliyah : sure ☺️

Kai :Gamsahabnida !

He takes the Bar, opens it and takes a bite.

Kai : so uh.. Why are you going to New York ?

Aaliyah : Ah well I have my first book signing there, actually I'm a writer so.. Yea..

I laughed.

Kai : really ? Wow what's the story ?

Aaliyah : oh one minute.

I take out my novel from my back and hand it over to Kai.

Aaliyah : this is my novel.

Kai : ahhh nice...

He flips the book and reads the plot behind.

Kai : I think this is really interesting..

Aaliyah : you think so ? Hahah

Kai : Ne Ne... Can I keep this ?

I was kinda shocked to hear that but at the same time overjoyed.

Aaliyah : yes please!!!

Kai laughed.

Kai : Gamsahabnida ! Gamsahabnida !

Kai : oh but there's something missing in here..

Aaliyah : oh what is it ?

Kai : your autograph *laughs*

Aaliyah : eh ? Oh..uh...m

Kai : well I won't be able to come to your fan signing event..

Aaliyah : ah sure sure *laughs*

I take out my pen from my bag and sign on my novel.

Kai : now that's better !

Aaliyah : thank you !

Just then the Air hostess came and served us our breakfast.

There was a piece of fried chicken leg, fruit bowl, Bun, with butter and jam.

I ate the bun first, I spread the butter and then the jam.

Then I ate the fruit bowl.

I didn't had the appetite to eat fried food now, so I left the chicken leg.

I pushed the Tray table a little and ate my half eaten Mars.

Kai : aren't you going to eat that ?

He asked me while pointing to the chicken.

Aaliyah : ah no no, I don't feel like it.

Kai : oh alright..

Aaliyah : you can take it if you want !

Kai : really ? Uh..thank you.

He smiled and I gave him the chicken leg.

The air hostess came again.

Air hostess : do you need anything Ma'am ?

Aaliyah : uh yes..coke please.

Air hostess : okay *gives coke* one coke for the young lady, and for you sir ?

She asked Kai. I looked at him and he took a glance at me.

Kai : coke please.

Air hostess : okay sir *gives coke to Kai*

Kai : thank you.

Air hostess : anything else ?

Aaliyah : no thank you.

Kai : no thank you.

Air hostess : okay then, if you need anything else, please let me know. *smiles*

Aaliyah : sure. *smiles back*

Kai : so you like coke a lot huh ?

Aaliyah : yes I love coke! Coke is my middle name. *laughs*

Kai also laughed.

Aaliyah : what did I just say ?... stop embarrassing yourself Aaliyah *sigh*

Kai was still laughing.

Aaliyah : what it's not that funny *pouts a little*

Kai : Joesonghabnida, Joesonghabnida *tries to stop laughing*

He was looking at me while laughing and I was looking at him,

Suddenly he stopped laughing, he was still and kept looking into my eyes, and I in his.

Kai : you have beautiful eyes..

Aaliyah : eh ? What did you say ?

I heard what he said, but I was surprised he said that all of a sudden.

Kai : no-nothing nothing. *he looked away and opened his coke can and took a sip*

Aaliyah : alright..

I too opened my coke can and took a sip. It felt really great. Ahhh.

Pilot : we will reach New York in 30 minutes. The seat belt sign is now on. Please take your seats as there will be a little turbulence. Thank you.

Air hostess : your baggage will be in belt no. 3. Thank you.

Aaliyah : ah only 30 minutes huh ? *sigh*

Kai : yes.. *sigh*

We both sighed together, we looked at each other and laughed again.

We kept on talking until the plane landed.

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