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Exo fanfic 1


Main protagonist - Aaliyah x Exo Members


Aaliyah, who is an upcoming writer goes for her book signing to New York from Los Angeles, but unexpectedly she meets EXO-K's Kai...and what more ? Kai seems to be falling in love with her...



I need to be at the Airport in like 15 minutes and I'm already running late...damn it.

My dumb sister didn't even wake me up, gee.

Driver : ma'am we reached the airport.

Aaliyah : ah yes, thank you very much, how much is it ?

I paid the taxi driver and went rushing to the counter.

Counter Lady : what's your name ?

Aaliyah : uh.. Aaliyah I'm on my flight to New York.

Counter lady : Ah yes, Miss Aaliyah, you are right on time.

Aaliyah : oh that's great, that's great.

Counter lady : do you have any baggage ma'am ?

Aaliyah : um..two

I put both my baggage on the baggage counter.

The counter lady gave me the boarding pass and the baggage tag for my handbag.

Counter lady : thank you and have a safe flight *smiles*

Aaliyah : thank you very much *smiles back*

I message my sister

Aaliyah : all the formalities are done. Now going to the business lounge. ✅

Baka cherry : okay msg me once you are in the flight.

Aaliyah : k ✌️✅

Baka cherry : did you eat your breakfast?

Aaliyah : nah will eat in the flight ✅

Baka cherry : hmm okay by the way are you ready for tomorrow ?

Aaliyah : dude I'm coming in like 5 hours then we can talk right ? ✅

Baka cherry : haha yea but keep updating me ✌️

Aaliyah : yea yea.. ✅

I walk towards the business lounge

Aaliyah : finally

I take a deep breath and I keep on updating my sister but I hear a lot of chaos and girls screaming, but I was too busy updating my sister that I didn't look anywhere.

Aaliyah : cherry, I don't know why but there's a lot of noise around me. ✅

Baka cherry : what do you mean ? O.o

Aaliyah : idk ✅

Baka cherry : Baka be safe, at least be cautious of your surroundings.

Aaliyah : ye yea.. I'm going in the lounge now, will msg u in flight. ✅

Baka cherry : okay ☺️

I go inside the lounge and search for a seat. I sit down and drink some water. Just then there was an announcement that my flight is ready to board.

I drink some more water and get ready to board.

I could still hear the chaos but I didn't care. I boarded the flight.

Aaliyah : 19 A ? Ah yea 19 A..

I take my seat and sigh. Ahhh I have to message my sister now.

Aaliyah : in the flight. ✅

Baka cherry : great

Aaliyah : yea

Baka cherry : take some rest, don't watch too many movies.

Aaliyah : okay

Baka cherry : msg me once u land, I will be there to pick you up.

Aaliyah : alrighty

Just then The air hostess arrived and asked.

Air hostess : ma'am do you want anything to drink?

Aaliyah : yes coke please.

Air hostess : here you go ma'am.

Aaliyah : thank you

I got a Message from my sister

Baka cherry : okay have a safe flight, I will be preparing for your book signing event now. Will meet you in 5 hours or so.

Aaliyah : okay good luck ✅

I adjust myself on the seat and I notice that the seat next to me was already taken by a young man. He was wearing a cap so I didn't see his face properly.

Aaliyah : ahh no privacy I guess

The air hostess asked the man beside me.

Air hostess : do you want some thing to drink sir ?

The young man : coke please

Aaliyah : ah good choice

Air hostess : here you go sir.

The young man : thank you

The young man got up, and was keeping his bag in the storage above.

Aaliyah : oh I wanna keep my bag too..I will get lots of place then kekekeke ( I think to myself )

I take my bag and as soon as I get up My head accidentally bangs on his elbow.

Aaliyah : owwww

I rub my head

The young man : oh sorry sorry sorry

He bowed. I rubbed my head again.

Aaliyah : oh it's alright.

I kept my bag in the storage without taking a look at him.

He once again said sorry and took his seat.

Aaliyah : it's okay

I take my seat and fasten my seatbelt.

The flight took off and after a short while the air hostess were bringing food.

Aaliyah : oh food ! That's quick I was too hungry

Air hostess : Miss Aaliyah here you go.

She opened my tray table and kept the food.

Aaliyah : thank you

I look over to the young man next to me and see that his food arrived too

Air hostess : Mr. Kim Jong-in do you need anything else ?

The young man : oh no thank you.

Aaliyah : so his name is Kim Jong-in..that's means he's a Korean, ooo I need to tell cherry about this, Kim Jong-in hmm, I guess I have heard that name somewhere.

I see that the young man take off his cap and smile at me.

Aaliyah : Kim Jong-in... Ka..ka...ka...KAI ?!

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