My Sims Family

We live in sim villi, and my name is Alice and I am married to Luke and we have a daughter and a son, our life is plan and simple for only one night everything goes wrong.


1. when it begins

For every different color of leaves in the fall, we have different people in the sims village.

our lives are so far from boring,and great neighborhood for children.  many laughter and many families. in a quiet block of the village lived a lovely family. a great father and husband named Luka, and his wonderful wife. he saw his wife that day and knew she was the one. in that very park where they shared there first kiss and first chat.

he had red hair and she had blonde. he thought she was a angel from above. 

when the lovely moment came they had there first kiss

they were so madly in love with each other. the weather was so great. the birds were singing. they talk and sat at the bench. about each other's parents who past away. they had alot in common. they heard other couples in love and they and then they got a small house together. one cold spring night, he got down on one knee and pulled out a engagement ring. her eyes got big with surprise.  she said yes and got into his arms. 

they decided to have children, she wanted to be a mum and he wanted to be a father.  

he was so excited to be a father. the day i came home from the hospital i was tired. but happy. we had more then one child. but time was coming too. our other children. came alone.

our second child had to sleep with us while our first child was sleeping in the other new room we made for her. she loved her new pink kid's bed.  we had fun watching tv. having parties. and laughing over our day if it was terribe. soon after she find out she was having another baby and another after another. soon the house was filled with children and babies crying. 

we were young and the idea of more children was our most wonderful idea. Luka loved touching my pregnat stomach. he tickle me too. made me laugh and blush.

while i was pregant with my forth or fifth child i was was working out at the gym and eating heathly. my back always hurt me and i felt sick threw every pregnacy.

always working out. after all the children we had Luka was getting old and when we had our last child, Luka was old. and still had time to feed our baby

our older son lestat is sitting by his desk in the back of his father and his silbing. but the sadness day of our lives was when  i woke up one sunday moring to find my husband dead on the floor. i started to cry my eyes out.

we had a good life together. and that is the Ambert family.

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