There were once two lovers, but were separated for three years.
Gotten tired from waiting, the woman, Sophie, decides to become a pirate and start a new life.

This was before she met her lover again. She had completely changed and so did he.
How are they going to handle their meeting?


5. Thieves released to the Cave of gold

A dark entrance got lit up by torches in the hands of the pirates. "Who was 'he'?" "What are you talking about Richard?" "You always said that he didn't do this. He didn't do that." Silence rotated around Sapphire. "And you grow a huge grin on your face." "I advise you to shut up." Richard forced a quick smile then ran deeper into the cave. Sapphire's mind was deep in thought. She was in total darkness. Literally. 


As Sapphire moved closer and deeper, she spotted a small ball of luminance. Her face was invaded by happiness as she ran towards the brightness. It was gold. The jewelry's reflected themselves on Sapphire's eyes. "Take them all!" She commanded, beneath her eyes were shadows because of the source of light which led her to look evil, "Take them all!" She repeated, "We shall be rich!" As soon as her first command echoed, the comrades  did as she had ordered them to. No complaints were shared. But many greed were shown. Many, indeed. Manically, Sapphire's laughs echoed until every pirates were out of sight. She was alone with remaining sparkling gold. She dropped to her knees. 'Do I think of him that much?' Her head tilted downwards, 'Have I completely gone over him?' 

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