There were once two lovers, but were separated for three years.
Gotten tired from waiting, the woman, Sophie, decides to become a pirate and start a new life.

This was before she met her lover again. She had completely changed and so did he.
How are they going to handle their meeting?


2. On the sea

The red-haired girl bursted the door open. When she walked straight forwards, she got stopped by sticks which prevented you from falling off the balcony. Several men wore either no tops or on minimum amount of cloth only covering their shoulders and their necks. One woman ran up the stairs. She was cheerful. "We're heading to the cave of gold!" She shouted, her hand punching the sir, "Aren't you excited, Sapphire?!" The girl smirked. "Yeah." She looked across the sea, "I'm going to accomplish the mission he failed." 

"We're almost there!" She shouted to the other pirates who were busy working, "We'll be there soon! And when we are,"- she stretched her arms to the sky in a 'V' shape then laughed maniacally-"We'll get all the money we ever wanted!" 

"Aye!" many men cheered as they started working harder than before, twice, or even thrice the harder they were doing before. Sapphire's grin grew larger.

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