There were once two lovers, but were separated for three years.
Gotten tired from waiting, the woman, Sophie, decides to become a pirate and start a new life.

This was before she met her lover again. She had completely changed and so did he.
How are they going to handle their meeting?


6. No lives lost

"Every pirates returned safely? Can our ship float?" "yes, cap'in." replied a man. "good, then we can set sail!" Sapphire ordered, "We can go back to land! We'll spend our fortunes, and when we need more, the cave of gold shall be waiting for us!" An insane laugher rose from Sapphire as her pupils dilated  in greediness for more. "Aye!" Everyone shouted with a huge smile appearing in their faces. "Aye!" Screamed Aikel as if she was drunk, "Sorry, Sapphire-" "Captain Sapphire" "-I couldn't get much gold." "It's okay, have a rest."


"Captain has a soft spot for Aikel" One of the man whispered to other. "Aye. I wonder why." "Maybe because she is the only woman on the ship despite herself?" "Maybe."

"Get on with your work!" A cold voice disrupted the men's conversation. Chills ran down their spines. "A-aye" They both stammered in fear.





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