There were once two lovers, but were separated for three years.
Gotten tired from waiting, the woman, Sophie, decides to become a pirate and start a new life.

This was before she met her lover again. She had completely changed and so did he.
How are they going to handle their meeting?


7. Aikel

"We're going to become a pirate!" A red haired woman stated as if she was talking to soldiers, "I am the Captain and you shall address me as 'Captain Sapphire'! A lot of obstacles will run into you and riddle you but you won't know the answer. That is why we are travelling in a team." Looking at boring faces, Sapphire sighed and released the good news, "The main reason why I am taking you people is because of 'the cave of gold'! Some call it a myth or a legend but it is not! I know a man who had risked his life in order to at least lower the defences. Since he had not returned, it results in defences lower down and no purchase stolen." the men's face transformed, determined. A smile stretched across Sapphire like as if she was a madman. "Aye!" The men shouted. Sapphire's posture relaxed. "Wait! Wait!" A kind, gentle voice travelled towards the pirates. "On board!" Sapphire ordered. "No! No!" Sapphire could observe that she was one of the police force. "No!" the voice somehow made Sapphire freeze, "I'm not here to arrest you neither harm you. I want to join you." The words didn't sink into Sapphire very well. "We have enough members." Sapphire said, confused. "Yes, I am part of the police but that was to help my sister, to earn money." the woman couldn't help but to explain. Sapphire looked back at the men who were all aboard the ship, getting ready to sail, Sapphire looked back at the woman and waited her to continue. Right away, she did, she seemed desperate, "I couldn't help but hear that there is a cave full of Gold. Could I accompany you?" The woman noticed Sapphire's sympathetic yet disapproved expression. "Please, it's for my sister" She whimpered. Sapphire finally sighed, given up. "What's your name?"


"Everyone! There is one more person joining us!" Sapphire bellowed in front of many people on board, "Her name is Aikel!" Her hand pointing at Aikel transformed the crew's eyes towards a blonde hair girl. "Now you know her," Sapphire quickly moved on, "We have to sail quickly off dock because the police are after her because of her." Sapphire nodded sideways at Aikel. Everybody groaned. "I know you guys are hungry to fight, or maybe not, but we literally do need to get a move on."

As the ship started moving, Sapphire caught a glimpse of Aikel running to the side, to the direction of the port. Sapphrie watched Aikel as she waved at an another woman. Sapphire assumed it was her sister. She automatically smiled. "Bye!" Aikel shouted, "I left enough money for you for about three years or so but I'll come back less than a year! I'll bring back all the money in the world!" Aikel was so cheerful. Sapphire's eyes saddened as she thought of Toby. She turned away, entered her room, and walked deeper into the cold, dark atmosphere.



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