There were once two lovers, but were separated for three years.
Gotten tired from waiting, the woman, Sophie, decides to become a pirate and start a new life.

This was before she met her lover again. She had completely changed and so did he.
How are they going to handle their meeting?


4. A dead monster

Aikel jumped her way to the front ship which wasn't so far away. "What is that?" A massive difference shifted her face from playful to serious. "It is abnormal..." Sapphire murmured. She turned around sharply, still mumbling. "Although a giant creature lying on the sand of the entrance of the Cave Of Gold may be considered normal to the ones with experience." "Does that mean because we're pirates, we'll face dangers with horrific creatures like that?!" One of the man who was standing next to Sapphire pointed his index finger at a giant dead octopus. "Yes..."  Sapphire said as if she was in deep thought, "We are quite lucky that some pirates did our dirty work. I'm not certain that we'll find any gold...But they possibly could not take so much jewellery..." "What happened to you?" Aikel asked. The attention of Sapphire snapped to Aikel. "What do you mean?" "Y'know" Aikel   shrugged, both forgetting that they are nearing into the dead monster, "You're...well...thinking. I haven't heard you mumble stuffs in ages. Also for you to be formal." "I might've gotten too comfortable here..." She tapped her index finger on her chin. "Weigh down the anchor!" She yelled so suddenly that it made Aikel jump, "We'll get the octopus and eat it!" Many men exchanged disgusted faces. "We literally have no food." A pirate said in a loud voice but not so loud for it to reach the certainty of shouting. Straight after his words slipped out of his mouth, many men started to agree. "Aye!" They would say. "Thanks, Richard." "Anytime." The man replied with a smile. "So do we have any food?" Aikel quickly whispered to the chef. "Yeah, you ate it." Richard whispered back. "Stop fooling around." Sapphire scolded Richard even though her voice wasn't in the state of anger. "Too late, she's having a mental breakdown." He pointed his thumb behind him to show Aikel cradling back and forth. "Bring double for her." "Aye." 


"This is it!" Sapphire shouted, her eyes widened, "Gold is right in front of us! We'll be luxurious!" All men ran to the front of the ship then jumped over which led them to land on the giant octopus. But that didn't stop them, they were stomping, sliding, anything to go to the entrance of the Cave Of Gold. Richard walked up to Sapphire who was facing forwards, smiling. "We're here." Richard stated with a gigantic smile. "Yes. We are."

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