Meet Louise a younger Victorian maid who worked for the lovely queen victora. Afiter husaband the queen become fade and dead and she was taking to famous writer Peter Longgreen and she discovers lots of dangers and peciluar secrets.......


1. Prologue 22 January 1901:

It was scary seeing the queen  , since her husband has died. She has become  an outline. I knew I should not be spying but I’m worried. I walked in with an dish and plucked it in the sink. I saw the queen whisper to herself in the kitchen . it was blissful calm and the whisper went   down my spine.

I went to my bedroom  and slammed the door. My head flew down to my hands. There was a scream,'agggrh!'. The scream pierced my ears, as well as many others. The candles blew out as I stood. I ran to where the scene was occurring, thoughts crossing my head.  The house echoing with foot steps STOMP , STOMP, STOMP .  every went down to  see the queen  , even the kids came  and then John Brown came down.he sent everyone upstairs and then the queen was sent to the hospital.

and that was 



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