Ira Wild

Ira Wild always saw what nobody else saw: monsters. And tons of them too. They would always chase her and then disappear, leaving destruction as their only evidence that they were there.

After going to different therapies, Mrs.Wild finally sent Ira to camp. But what Ira doesn't realize that it's not a normal camp.

It's Camp Half Blood.


2. C1

Ira Wild

"You. Are. Crazy!"

"I swear to god." I crossed my heart.

"Look Ira, I've known you my whole life. But this has gone long enough. We can't be friends, I'm sorry."

With those harsh words, Jess got up and left the cafeteria.

Tears welled in my eyes as I saw her walk away from me, making my vision all blurry. I blinked them back, reminding myself that I was strong.

I'm strong. I'm strong. Who needs her?


"Ira," my mom poked her head in my room.


"I took you out of therapy," she smiled at me warmly.

I, on the other hand, had my mouth hanging open.

I've been going to therapists everyday since I was just a kid!

"Thank you!" I ran over and gave my mom a big hug.

"Instead, I'm putting you in a camp that your dad wanted you to be in."

"What camp?"

"Camp Half-Blood."

a/n sorry for the short chapter. I actually wrote a super long one but apparently it didn't save? So I just wrote a small one. Next chapter will be way longer (maybe).

Thanks a lot!

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