Around The World

Ashley Bordelon is 18 years old with a 'Perfect Life' Well at least thats what the fans call it. If traveling around 24/7 to different places and serving business workers coffee all the time is perfect then sure. I mean she does have amazing Friends,Family and Fans but she just wished she had more free time in her life. But thank god summer was coming she would have all the free time in the world. But what she didn't know was her father soon had a bunch of boys her father wouldn't tell her about sent off with her to something called MAGCON but what happens she she falls in love with one of the boys with her on tour?


2. A/N

​I can't exactly update right now sorry i have been really sick and my mom wants me to not be on the computer while I'm sick sorry i feel so bad! I will update soon! xx ~Hannah


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