The annoying the weird and the evil //my life//


3. yummy-ness

Well I woke up at 7:58 (no idea how I remember that) and watched YouTube videos like pewdiepie onision and pointless blog I came across a grant Thompson video that was Lego gummy candy the same thing was on yoyomax12 <---is that how you spell it? Anyways I made them and they are still hardening (I made them at 6:00pm it's 12:14am) I can't wait I secretly tested one but it's still pretty liquid on the inside but it was good :)

This morning my friend (Meghan) started texting me and I'm like "excuse me I'm trying to watch onision here" she was asking if I wanted to go to her garage sale. My response:my parents won't be back for awhile sorry. My thoughts: BITCH IM MAKING GUMMY STUFF TODAY LIKE HELL IM GONNA PASS THAT UP MOTHA FUKKA!!!!

Nothing overly interesting happened I went shopping with my mom (Rona, staples 'n shit like that) but I got a mini notebook to jot my day in (is jot the right word??) so I will remember better.


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