The annoying the weird and the evil //my life//


1. well then...

I don't know how to start these diary things.. Oh well my name is Emerald grace and I guess I need a place to rant. Well anyways not much happened today so instead I will tell you about the people you will hear about

First Xander one of the not so funny funny people in the class he will do anything to get attention

Jack I dunno funny weird and will do anything to get attention

Adrian is the most annoying person you will ever meet he is an annoying ass bitch we hate each other always have always will

Hannah my bestie she is so awesome and will kick your ass if necessary so don't piss her off

Trinity the biggest bookworm and will take every chance she has to reference doctor who, she's awesome

Jolie pretty awesome but gets pissed easily oh well she awesome

Meghan annoyingly awesome she is da best

There's a lot more but I'm lazy and its 12:30am so goodnight/morning!

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