The annoying the weird and the evil //my life//


4. sick dog??

When I woke up I was bored and I made dog treats then got bored again so while everyone except me my sister and my grandma my sister convinced me to do a puzzle that is still barely started play cards for HOURS by the time we finished its like 7:30pm so we ate dinner oh my brother won the rugby finals today and he got 2 tri's <---(hope that's spelt correctly) in the first game (one tri was game winning) the same for the second game and in the third game he got one tri so tomorrow I'm going to the championship I hate rugby but I'm getting out of school so... When we finished dinner me and my sister plays cards again then I tried to give my dog a treat but he didn't eat it normally they are his favourite but he's a lab so everyone/everything is his favourite anyway everyone thought he was sick but the treat had just gone bad.

Now I kinda want to bring up something that made me really upset it was what my sister said this morning and that was "I don't think bisexual and pansexual are real because you can't like more than one gender" I am pansexual (she doesn't know) and my best friend is bisexual and we have both had a girlfriend and boyfriend so in response to my sister I will type something that I would never say and that is: fuck you bitch don't make assumptions and come to conclusions on things you know nothing about. (Damn that felt good to say) sorry I'm very explicit! Goodnight <3

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