The annoying the weird and the evil //my life//


5. late

This is yesterday. I woke up around 7:00 to go to my brothers rugby game it rained when we were driving there and when we got there until about half time it stopped the team played well and my sister and I were laughing about the other team only having dirt on them from wiping their hands whereas our team was covered in dirt I spent most of my day there and they ended up losing by a kick oh well they got 3rd in province so that's good. On our way back we stopped at subway and brought a sub back for my brother who was staying with his team to watch the last game when my brother got home he told us about something that happened during the game, a kid broke his nose and it was gushing blood do he puts grass up his nose and says he's ready to play again.

I found out why my dog was sick this morning I found vomit on the edge of my bed. Ewww. And later I discovered that he had chewed through his bag of food and eaten a lot. Later on I went to agility (for dogs) and Zeus (my dog) did really well and tomorrow he has dock diving so he will be very tired but he loves it. Bye.

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