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3. The mysterious female voice

"Haven't seen that ugly mug in like what? Three weeks." The girl got closer and she was tallish, had brown hair, and was obnoxiously loud. 

"Sam!" Buckley says still doing that stupid dance.

"Who's the awkward, stegosaurus?" She asked referring to Jetts awkward stance and his exceptional height of 6'7'' 

"This is Jett he's cool, unlike Booger Barry." Buckley said gesturing to the awkward tall guy in the corner picking his booger and eating them.

Sam starts with a slow clap (that's really loud) and stands up on a coffee table "To Booger Barry, hey I get it, we all need to eat!" She yells raising her red solo cup and the crowd laughs and cheers, and the goes back to partying. 

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