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4. Booger Barry's encounter with the female gender

Sam laughs as she see's Barry run off to the bathroom

"Did you make him sad?" Jett asks her 

"No he just vomits when he gets too much attention, he's pretty squeamish." Buckley says 

"We should follow him, make sure he doesn't pass out and drown in the toilette." Sam says and begins walking to the bathroom

They open the door to see Barry, sure enough, vomiting in the toilette.

"Jesus Barry, your throwing more than I think you've eaten all week." A girl says 

We all turn around and there is a girl sitting on top of the shower curtain poll.

She has glasses, dirty blond hair.

"Alexandria." She says slightly waving at us and then hops down from the shower curtain poll.

She walks over to Barry who is still blowing chunks, and shoves his making him fall on his side and throw up against the wall, she laughs hysterically and walks out of the room.

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