Why Me?

Grace had a happy life until he mother dies and everything turned dark. She tries to get back on her feet but kids at her school are making that impossible. Will Grace ever be able to overcome this hard time in her life?


7. What the heck!!

Bryan's POV

I'm still amazed at Grace's house. Or at least her grandparents house. How can a girl be so quiet and shy with a house like this? I pulled out my phone to make a Snapchat story. I couldn't keep this a secret. I just couldn't. Plus Grace said to not tell her family what happens at school. Not what happens at home.

I put the camera to face me and held the button.

"You won't guess where I am. I'm at my best friends house!(camera now pointing at Grace.) That's right! Grace!" I said showing then the big house. And as soon as you know it I'm tackled by Grace.

"Bryan! Don't post that! I don't want people to know!" She giggled but still trying to get the phone out of my hand.

"Too late. I just posted it." I said sticking out my tongue.

"What the heck! Your going to pay for that Bennett!" She said. I love it when she calls me by my last name.

We got up and went back to the living room.

"I can't believe you did that!" She said hitting me on my arm.

"Ouch." I said rubbing my arm.

"Oh come on. It didn't hurt." She said plainly. And it didn't.

"Okay. I was being a little dramatic. But people will see your awesome house." I said trying to bring the good out of this.

"Firstly, this isn't my house. And second, you can't just take a snapchat of my grandparents house. It's rude." She said crossing her arms.

"Okay I'm sorry. I just got excited." I said pulling her into a hug.

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever." She said. She turned on the tv and we both watched Orange is the new Black on Netflix.

I looked at my phone which had a lot of notifications for snapchat. Most of them were comments like,"Wow. Sorry for underestimating you😔" and like," I want to come over your house😂." And then I saw Rachael's comment." I bet that's not even her house!😒 your so pathetic!"

What is with this girl? Grace has never done anything to her! You can't just pick on someone because you can! That's ridiculous. Nothing's even wrong with her. She's so kind and smart. Yeah I may have SOME feelings for her, with her long brown hair and hazel colored eyes, but I'm going to keep it at a friendly level. And plus I don't even know if she likes me back.

And when I click back into reality, Grace's grandfather is here.

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