Why Me?

Grace had a happy life until he mother dies and everything turned dark. She tries to get back on her feet but kids at her school are making that impossible. Will Grace ever be able to overcome this hard time in her life?


15. Maybe a little

Grace's POV

I woke up to my annoying alarm and my eyes burned to the sunshine filling the room. I turned it off and remember that today was school. I didn't want to go but I have to. I still have to learn and Rachael isn't gonna stop me.

I jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth and stuff. I put on a black shirt with a hoodie over it. I didn't feel as dressy today. I grabbed a random pair of jeans and put on my black and white converse. My hair was already straighten from yesterday so I just brushed it. I put on some mascara and lip gloss and went downstairs.

No one was in the kitchen so I just grabbed me a bowl of cereal and turned on the tv.

"Good morning grace." Grandpa said fixing his tie.

"Good morning." I put the bowl in the sink and grabbed my things.

"Ready to go?" He asked. I nodded and we got in the car. It was kinda quiet so I decided to start conversation.

"So Disney is in 2 days huh?"

"Yep. And Veronica is coming tomorrow." I nodded. I didn't want Veronica to come. That meant I have to talk to her and stuff. And I'm bad at that.

"I'm really excited." I said softly.

"So am I."

He pulled up in the school. I said goodbye and I started walking to class. There was no signs of Rachel but lots of people were looking and laughing and whispering. I'm sure it was about me and what Rachael said on Twitter. I went to my locker and collected my books.

"Oh. Look Grace is back!" I ignored Rachael who was behind me.

"Where have you been? Considering on what I said on Twitter?" She laughed. I closed my locker and faced her.

"No I haven't. I really don't care what you say."

"Oh really. Seems like you finally have a voice." She pushed me into the lockers.

Bryan's POV

I was talking to my friend Gregory when I heard noise coming from the hall. And I knew exactly what it was.

"Hold on Greg. I'll be right back." He nodded.

I walked down the hall and saw Grace and Rachael at it again. It was going back and forth until Rachael slapped Grace in the face. Everyone had ou and oh. And the class bell rung. I tried to get though the large crowd surrounding her. As everyone left, I finally reached her. I helped her up and picked her books up for her.

"Thanks." She said holding her face.

"I'll hold your books for you." She handed them to me.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom to rinse my face off." I nodded and she went in. Of course I didn't go inside but when I was standing outside waiting for Grace, a group of girls came up to me.

"Hi Bryan." They said all giggly.


"Um we have a question for you." One of them said.


"Okay. You hang with Grace a lot right?" I nodded." Do you have any feelings for her?" I smiled and they started to get a giggly again.

"Um. Maybe a little."

"So is that why you stick up for her? Because you like her?"

"Definitely not. No one should be able to go through what she goes through. Especially her. She doesn't deserve it." They all awed and giggled.

"Your so sweet. Plus I totally ship you guys." They started to laugh and I blushed.

"Well we have to go. Tell Grace we said hi." One of them said. I nodded in response and watched them walk and talk down the hall.

Sorry for the short chapter! I had more to write but I have to go to my sisters open house! I hope you enjoy!💕

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