Why Me?

Grace had a happy life until he mother dies and everything turned dark. She tries to get back on her feet but kids at her school are making that impossible. Will Grace ever be able to overcome this hard time in her life?


9. Lunch

Grace's POV

"We'll get through." I said. Grandpa walked through the door with grandma.

"Hi grandma." I said walking over to her and kissed her on her cheek.

"Hi love. Who's this?" She asked pointing to Bryan.

"Um. This is Bryan." Bryan got from the swings and walked up to grandma.

"Hello Mrs. James. Very nice to meet you." He said. He looked more comfortable talking to grandma than grandpa.

"Hello Bryan. You look like a fine young man. Ready for lunch?"

"Yes ma'am." He said.

"Alright let's go." I said putting my shoes on.

We all jumped in the car and headed to Applebee's. I knew it would be awkward if I would ask why Bryan was so comfortable talking with grandma than grandpa out loud, so I texted him.

G: y did you act like that to my grandma?😕

He got the text and looked at me and back to his phone.

Bryan👾: bc she was nicer to me than ur grandpa. Have you not seen what he makes me do and feel?!?

G: 😑😑😑😑

Bryan👾: wat?

G: how many times do I have to tell you! He does that on purpose!🙈🙈

Bryan: well I feel better around her than him😌

I looked to him and rolled my eyes.

"So Bryan," Grandpa began to ask." How long have you been living here?"

"Um 2 years. My mother couldn't take care of me and my brothers so she sent me to live with my grandma." He said playing with his fingers.

"Oh okay. And how do you feel about the school?" Grandma asked.

"Um I was kinda worried that no one would expect me cause I was just the new boy. But Grace made that easy for me." He said. I looked out toward the window because I knew that I was blushing.

"Oh that's sweet. And I bet Grace show you all of her friends too, right?" She asked.

I looked at him and gave him a face to say yes.

He hesitated." Yes." He said.

We pulled in the parking lot and entered in. The waiter escorted us to our table and took our drinks. The talking got more easier to do.

"So when are you two going to start dating?" Grandma asked. My mouth dropped open.

"Grandma!" I whispered yelled. Bryan laughed.

"Oh come on! I'm just goofing around." She laughed. We had a good time. We talked about family, school, college, and all that stuff.

We ate out food and was stuffed. As soon as I turned to Bryan, he had the most blank face ever. He gave me the look over there look. I was confused trying to look where he was showing me. But then I saw it. Just great. Rachael was here eating across the restaurant and once she saw me, she got up and started walking to our table. I quickly looked away like I didn't see anything and so did Bryan.

"Oh hey Grace! Hi Bryan! I didn't see you guys walk in here." Rachael said in the most happiest voice ever. She sounded like those dumb blondes on TV.

"Hi. Yeah we walked in like a hour ago." Bryan said with the most fake smile ever.

"Oh. Well I just wanted to say hi to my very good friends. And who is this?" She asked in that voice again. I'm close to barfing all over this place.

"This is my grandparents." I said looking to my plate.

"Hi. I'm Rachael and I'm one of Grace's close friends." Bryan almost chocked on his water. I would too.

"Bryan are you okay?" Grandma asked.

"Yes. I was just shocked at what she said." He replied.

"Well why? She's a fine young lady. You a very sweet girl." Grandma said.

"Thank you. I have to get going now. Bye." She said she walked away and I looked at Bryan.

"What the freak was that?" He whispered.

"I don't know. But she made a complete fool out of herself."

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