Why Me?

Grace had a happy life until he mother dies and everything turned dark. She tries to get back on her feet but kids at her school are making that impossible. Will Grace ever be able to overcome this hard time in her life?


12. Just kill yourself

Grace's POV

"Grace! Get up. It's time to get ready for school!" Grandma said shaking my shoulder. My eyes fluttered open to the sunshine that burned my eyes. She walked out and I checked my phone to see what time it was. 7:04. School starts at 9:30. I can sleep in for a couple of minutes. I pulled the covers back on and went to sleep.


"GRACE JOHNSON! It is 7:30! Get up right now!" She yelled shocking me. At least I got 30 minutes of sleep.

"Sorry! I'm just tired." I rubbed my eyes. I got out of bed and headed to the shower. I brushed my teeth and dried my hair. I went to my closet and picked out a sleeveless red shirt that said NO on it. I put some black jeans and put on my all red vans. I flattened my hair and put some mascara and eyeliner with a light shade of pink lipgloss. I grabbed my phone and bag and headed downstairs.

I saw grandma cooking breakfast so I went in the living room and checked Twitter. Everything was the same until I saw something that would scar me forever.


Honestly, I don't know why Grace is even here. All she's doing is taking up space. And she hasn't had a single friend since what? 2nd grade? How pathetic! You should just fall in a ditch. Or what about die? Just kill yourself. No one will even notice your missing.

Tears flowed from my eyes one by one. What have I done to her to make her feel this way about me? Now black streaks appeared on my face because of the eye liner. Maybe she's right. Maybe I should just kill myself. No one would notice I'm even missing.

"Grace. Your panca..... Honey are you okay?" Grandma said walking to me. I quickly exited out of Twitter.

"Um..... Yeah. I just... Really miss mom." I sobbed. That was close.

"Oh honey it's okay. We all do. Don't worry." She said softly patting my back. She pulled me into a hug and my arms were kinda just lumped at her sides but I decided to hug her back.

"Do you want to stay home today?" Just what I wanted to hear. And I nodded.

"Well alright then. Get your breakfast and go upstairs and lay down."

"Okay." I did exactly that. I decided to text Bryan that I wasn't going to school today.

G: not coming to school today

Bryan👾: what? Why?😩

Then I sent him a screenshot of what Rachael said.

Bryan👾: I'm going to kill her. Have a great day.✌

G: no! Please don't say anything 😬 😬

Bryan👾: fine gtg class is bout to start👋

G: byeee!

I soon then grabbed my laptop and cut on Netflix and watched Orange is the New Black.

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