Why Me?

Grace had a happy life until he mother dies and everything turned dark. She tries to get back on her feet but kids at her school are making that impossible. Will Grace ever be able to overcome this hard time in her life?


4. Bryan

While I was walking to my classroom, I thought about Bryan and why he helped me. This was the first time that anyone has done that for me. I was a little scared. What did he want from me. Was it a dare from someone? No one at my school would even touch me. I've never seen him before.

I walked into class and Ms.Write said," Grace, why are you late to my class?" "My locker was jammed and the janitor has to pull it open." I told her softly." Fine. Just go sit down." She said. I pulled out my books and a knock suddenly sounded at the door.

Bryan walked through the door.

"Class we have a new student. His name is Bryan. Why don't you sit in the back next to Grace." Ms.Write said. Bryan walked to the seat next to mine." Okay class. Today your going to choose partners for today's assignment. You have a week to finish and I'm not excepting late projects." She said walking back and forth in the room.

Oh great. Partners. Like anyone would like to partner up with me. It was so hard to have one and the teacher who always have to force someone to partner with me.

"Do you want to be my partner?" Bryan asked." Sure. Why not?" I said. We put our desk together and the teacher gave us instructions.

"Everyone is going to be making 3D pyramids on ancient Egypt. It can be society wise, food, or even economy. Just make it colorful." She said.

"Oh! We could do like mummies and burials and stuff." Bryan said." Yeah! That's a great idea." I replied. And we started to jot down some ideas.

I was surprised. He wasn't like...disgusted of sitting next to me or talking to me. He was new but I could tell that I wasn't everyone's favorite.

"So, what happened in the hallway?" He asked." Oh, they always treat me like that. I'm like their dog or something." I told him looking down." Oh. I mean if I was you, I would fight back." He said." What do you mean?" I asked him." If they would push me like that I would push them back but even harder. You can't make them walk all over you. If you let them do that their going to take advantage of you. You gotta stand up for yourself." He said. That really encouraged me." Thanks Bryan. I really needed that." I told him. He smiled and we continued to plan.

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