Into the mist

After a genetic experiment to correct criminal behavior, and mental illness goes wrong. The human experiments break loose, riddled with toxins, and no sense of right and wrong rooming the souther part of Allagash. And only the towns people are able to stop it, wether the ending is bad or good, is yet to be decided.

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1. Chapter 1

The man sat on his desk flipping through the magazine that he didn't find very interesting, but it kept him busy until his shift was over.

He moved his around in his seat uncomfortably, the crappy worn out navy blue guards uniform that the prison provided for him wasn't doing a good job at preventing chafing.

He looked out his office window for a minute and saw shadows moving on the fifth floor, looking like a struggle. 

​Probably just the subject not cooperating it'll be under control for in a minute.

He continued with reading the dull magazine.

He read through an article of how the small town of Allagash was trying to re-open their old library, (seeing as the only reading material the children had there was their math text books)


As he mindlessly read and tried to get into a position that would minimize any sort of chafing there was a shadow the quickly darted past his window.

Seeing this out of the corner of his eye he slowly picked up his riffle and a flash light, and slowly opened the office door, and stepping into the cool night air.

"Who's there? This is private property, there is no trespassing so I surest you leave, or else you'll be in serious trouble!" He yelled as a mutilated face slowly emerged from the shadows behind him.           

It raised a hand, riddled with chemical burns and green cracked nails. It grabbed the man and dragged him off into the night, the only trace of the man was the magazine,and a flashlight.  




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