Down in Flames

Not good with descriptions. :/ Might have to read to find out!



1. New Kid

I looked out the window to the students that were filing out of their vehicles or the buses into the school. Licking my lips to moisten them up, I fixed my glasses onto my face and sat up a bit in my seat. The teacher was just coming into the room as I done so. 

"Alright.." the teacher huffed out. "Gonna call the role, then uh, we're gonna start class." 

The students that were here already just murmured quietly, so he (the teacher) just took that as his cue to start the role call, attendance sheet, whatever you'd like to call it. 

It's only been 3 weeks into the school year, and already, people were coming in just when the tardy bell rang. 

"Mr. Irwin.." the teacher said in a tired tone. Unlike the others, I just flicked my fingers up, where he could see that I was here. I heard him sigh as he went down with the others. Once he was through, there was a rather loud knock at the door. 

The teacher -- his name was 'Mr. Jefferson' -- blinked slightly and walked over to the door, then opened it. 

"Ah, Mr. Hemmings, just in time."

"Sorry. Took a bit to find this class," a deep voice mumbled sheepishly. 

Mr. Jefferson chuckled and gestured the guy into the classroom. He perched on his desk while the blonde stood by it, looking around at his new peers. 

It was oddly quiet at the moment as I looked over the boy. Blonde quiff, blue eyes -- he had to be taller than me. The guy had to be at least 17, because no guy here would have the nerve to have a piercing if he were any younger. Yeah, this guy was cute, but not my type. I normally go for brunettes.

Apparently, Mr. Jefferson was signing off on Blondie's schedule. My eyes flickered between them, back and forth, until Blondie had to go sit down and Mr. Jefferson decided to go over his classroom rules.


I am almost 100% sure Blondie knew the rules, because they're like any other school rule.

Finally, after about a good 15 minutes had passed, Mr. Jefferson was done going over them. The one thing left to do was him to assign seat. Which of course, everyone objected.

"Alright, alright I get it. Take your things and stand near Mr. Hemmings," Mr. Jefferson muttered. After a few beats, my classmates and I did as we were told. While everyone had book bags and such, I only carried a notebook and a pencil. Because we never use the crap they give us. 

I watched idly as a few girls started to flirt with Blondie, who was smiling and laughing and commenting at whatever they were saying. Being totally oblivious that they want in his pants. 

Sigh. Ignorance is bliss. 

"Hi Ashton," a giggle rang in my ears.  I turn to find the Queen Bee looking up at me. 

Why is she nicknamed 'the Queen Bee' you may ask? Mostly, because she was the hottest, sluttiest, and bossiest in this school. However, her real name was Bethany Maxwell. 

I sighed out 'hello' to Beth as I watched my classmates file to their new seats, one by one.

"Aren't you looking adorkably hot today?" she grinned. 

"Adorkable, really now?" I replied. 

"Mhmm," Beth giggled. 

'Like I haven't heard that one,' I thought, mentally glaring daggers at this girl. 

"Well..." I began, "What do you want?" 

"Well, I was thinking..."

That's when I tuned her out. People like her just won't believe that I am totally, 100%, without a doubt, 'straight-up' gay. 

"Irwin. Mr. Irwin, please come take your seat."


"Oh! Sorry," I mumbled to Mr. Jefferson as I walked to my new seat (really, they're tables with two chairs at them. I mean, this is a Biology class..). 

Next thing I knew, once I sat down and looked around, Blondie -- a grinning one, at that -- was staring at me with a tilted head. 

'He seriously looks like a puppy...'

"Hi, I'm Luke!" Blondie quietly squealed to me. 

"Ashton. Hi," I muttered. 

"Are you new here too?" he chirped. 


Luke laughed and looked at me, well more like staring again. I looked back at him and flicked my eyebrows upward, mostly in question as to why the fuck he keeps looking at me. 

"You look pissed. All I did was introduce myself," he chuckled. 

 "I'm not good with socializing and all that." I sighed and took off my glasses. 

"So you don't have any friends?" 

"I didn't say that." 

I looked back at Luke who was frowning a bit. Then both of our attention were taken by Mr. Jefferson, who was just telling us that we should get comfortable and get to know our partners, because we'll be there for the rest of the school year. 

'So I'd have to deal with all smiles-and-cheery Luke for 9 months? Great. No really, I just love happy people.' I groaned mentally. 

The bell finally rung and we all filed out into the hallway. My next class happened to be my favorite: Gym. 

Oh yeah, s'all fun and games in gym class.

As if. 

The first thing we do is write an essay, then we run laps, and lastly, the guys can play basketball if we wanted to. Normally, I'm not really an athletic, but my friend Calum's on the team and when I'm at his house, we play. 

So after doing the dailies in Gym class, I played ball. Eventually getting extremely hot and sweaty for my taste. 










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