Life is hard sometimes

15 year old Laura has her fair share of medical problems. However, with her parents gone it's just her and her overprotective brother. Jamie just wants to keep his little sister safe but will he ruin their bond in the process?


1. This is my life, now

"Okay then, good luck with your test! Bye, bye."

I fiddled with the phone in my hand, thinking about Millie and my friends upcoming test. The test I should be doing too. If only I hadn't thrown it all away, as I heard Mum say to Aunt Julia last night.

It Isnt all my fault!. I didn't ask to feel ugly or fat or worthless, I didn't ask to be stuck in hospital for a month. I didn't ask for any of this!


"Laura! Laura? Come here, darling! Oh, and grab your medicine bag please, I have some extra snacks for it!" Mum shouted.

I walked slowly to the kitchen and rummaged in my rucksack for my little pouch containing all my medical needs at school and while I am out. This is the bag that must go EVERYWHERE although, mum keeps snacks and things in her bag and there is another at school.  It contains everything I might need, snacks, blood sugar reader, hypo supplies, glucose tablets, blood strips and everything else for diabetes and anorexia. You see, six months ago I got a bit of hassle at school and felt the need to be perfect. My friends would exclude me and I believed if I looked the part, I would be the part. It begun with cutting out snacks but then it grew and grew. I never weighed myself, I just judged on looks. My target was a flat stomach. The thing is, is that anorexia makes you see yourself differently and I just kept cutting food out of my diet untill I would just eat half a cereal bar for breakfast and a few spoons of dinner, if that. One day in school my friend, Millie, noticed I was pale and tired. She tried to persuade me to eat something but I wouldn't. In the next period I collapsed during P.E. I was taken to the hospital where I would spend the next month being fed through a tube going in my nose and down my throat. I was very weak, still am in fact, and spent the first few days sleeping and staying in my bed. The biggest problem, is that my pancreas, which is where glucose is made shut down. This meant I had type one diabetes. The type where you need jabs everyday and eat, ALL THE TIME. As you can imagine, this was hard for an anorexic! I have been back to the hospital a fair few times since then. 

Mum took my bag and stuffed some chcocolate bars inside.

"Mum? I will just stick with the crackers and cereal bars thanks. The bars have chocolate in them anyway."

She sighed but took them out anyway as she knew I would just bin them. I needed my jab next. Mum took the needle and got the insulin ready. My pegging leg was pulled up and she cleaned the area on my thigh. The needle was then inserted which I still wince at. 


A/N Hey guys! First story! My kindle is going to die soon so I will have to leave it there. I will try and get this chapter done and then perhaps the next one TOMMOROW. Hope you are liking it!

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