Life is hard sometimes

15 year old Laura has her fair share of medical problems. However, with her parents gone it's just her and her overprotective brother. Jamie just wants to keep his little sister safe but will he ruin their bond in the process?


2. Goodbye!

Mum and Dad made me promise five times to take my jabs, check my blood, eat my snacks. Once they seemed happy enough they moved to Jamie, my older brother, and had him promise to make me. 

"You are sure you guys? You arent just saying that to shut me up? It is important you know. Oh, I'm so nervous now!" Exclaimed mum.

"Yes, no and yes. Now go! Enjoy your holiday. Skype us when you get there." Jamie answered. Dad gave us one last hug, followed by mum and picked up their bags. We waved as they drove off. I begun to shiver so Jamie beckoned me inside. Mum and Dad are going on a six month trip around the world. It was all booked and paid for before I got Ill so I made a big effort to gain before they left.

My big brother is four years older and is pretty overprotective. I know that now with him being my parental figure, he will be worse than ever.

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