TAKEN 5sos

Katie is 18 years old, she has got a lovely life with her and her BFF Lilli. Later on they book a holiday to go to Australia to stay in a hotel, later that night Lilli gets taken, can Katie help Lilli...


2. to the airport!

I went to call a cab to pick us both up and drop us off "I've called the cab, he won't be long" I said as I wanted Lilli to know "ok I will bring our suitcases down". 2 minutes later the cab arrived and we both got in the cab and it drove off. As we got there we both got out and the cab drive off "can we get something to eat I'm so hungry" "ok we only have half an hour left" so we both went into McDonald's and got a meal for 2. After we looked in a few shops, we saw nothing, beep! Beep! We heard a siren go off and it was the gates opening to the plane "OMG I'm so excited let's go!" Lilli said all excited, we both gave our tickets and we got on. We put our suitcases on the shelf and we both sat down.

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