TAKEN 5sos

Katie is 18 years old, she has got a lovely life with her and her BFF Lilli. Later on they book a holiday to go to Australia to stay in a hotel, later that night Lilli gets taken, can Katie help Lilli...



It was getting near to evening, Katie went to take a nap in her room while I decided to take a look around. I went to look out the window and I saw a car pull up, I saw a group of men in suits get out the car, they looked up at the window I was looking through and I think they looked at me aswell. I felt quite scared.

A few minutes later I heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs near me and Katie's room, the men came in the room and they grabbed me by the arm GET OFF ME, KATIE HELP ME!!!!!!! I screamed as loud as I could but no answer they shoved me into the car while I was tied up. I woke up and I swear I heard Lilli scream her heart out, I ran out my room...Lilli was gone, I cried my eyes out until I wanted this room filled with tears THIS IS ALL MY FAULT, LILLIS BEEN TAKEN! I couldn't stop crying.

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