TAKEN 5sos

Katie is 18 years old, she has got a lovely life with her and her BFF Lilli. Later on they book a holiday to go to Australia to stay in a hotel, later that night Lilli gets taken, can Katie help Lilli...


4. settling in

Lilli's P.O.V.

Katie and I we are starting to settle in, I kinda miss family but I know I'm safe with Katie, "lil r u ok, u seem sad" "yeah I'm fine just thinking about stuff "ok I'm here for u, u can tell me anything" while dinner was starting I went for a shower, it was an open one and the bathroom was lovely there was a bowl of Bon bons so I took one and ate it. After a few minutes I came out and the bathroom was filled with hot steam and I needed to get out, "Lilli I made my own pizza here u go it's quite hot" as I munched away on the pizza I felt full up already.

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