TAKEN 5sos

Katie is 18 years old, she has got a lovely life with her and her BFF Lilli. Later on they book a holiday to go to Australia to stay in a hotel, later that night Lilli gets taken, can Katie help Lilli...


9. found out and jealous

Michael put on his shoes to go out shopping for a bit, Michael! Don't leave me here with them they will kill me! Babe *sighs* u will be fine if they do anything just call me, he kissed me on the lips and left, luke, Callum and Ashton looked jealous, they dragged me up the stairs to my room, they slammed the door shut and there was little cracks in the wall, get naked! They shouted no! Never! They stripped me naked and I stood there worried, they did the same. They pushed me on my bed and they banged me one at a time, after a bit Callum and Ashton left and shut the door, so just me and luke enjoying this? he asked me err kinda I said, he went down on me under the cover Oooo I said as it felt weird his hand went in between my legs oooo I said again. Michael came back, luke got off me and he touched my down below again, we got changed and went downstairs, hey b..abe u look a bit red, oh I fell over and it hurt... Luke looked down, wait! U and lu... OMG man why! Michael shouted he went over to luke and started punching him Michael stop! It was my fault!

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