Not Just A Maid

America Erin Styles, Harry Styles' twin sister, was kidnapped at the age of 8 by a total stranger and sold on the market as a worker. She worked for people for a little while, then was kicked out. She's now almost 20, and got a new job as a maid for some of the richest people in London. But when her master's boyfriend catches her eye, will her new job end in a disaster?


3. Chapter 3


Age 19

​​​"Okay Mer, I want sad but full of love." Austin sang as he sat on a chair. I grabbed my guitar as I sat at the guitar seat.

“If you could envision,

The meaning of a tragedy,

Ooh, you might be,

Surprised to hear it's you and me.

When it comes down to it,

You never made the most of it.

Ooh, so I cry, cry, cried,

And now I say goodbye.

And I won't be made a fool of,

Don't call this love.”


“When did you decide,

That I didn't have enough to buy?

Forgive and forget you a thousand times,

For the fire and the sleepless nights.

And I won't be made a fool of,

Don't call this love.

Don't call this love.”


La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, la, love, love

Why did you feel the need,

To prove that everybody else was right?

No, I won't fight.

Oh, you're my tragedy, tragedy

Oh, you're my tragedy, oh

This is, oh, no no n-no


La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, love

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, la, love, love

La, la, la, love


​"Wow Mer, where did you get inspiration for that?" He gasped, leaning back in his chair and pretending to faint.​​

​"You." I blushed for emitting that small word, even if was just one. He raised an eyebrow and I turned redder.

​"I just want to tell you, I've always had feelings for you. From the moment I saw your kind, caring green eyes, I've loved the way they sparkled​​​​, loved the way you laugh, the way you talk, just you." I stopped to take a breath.

​"America, I-" Austin started, but I cut him off.

​"I'm not done. I understand that you're too old for me, but I would rather you know then me just live the rest of my life not knowing if you would've given me a chance. So give it to me straight and blunt, Austin. Do you like me? Do you think I'm too young for you? I can leave no-" I was cut off by ​​​​​​​​​​​​​his lips pressing against mine.


I kissed him back with longing passion like the one I had in my chest. He laughed against my lips as we pulled away, breathing hard.


“America, I lo-” He was cut off by the door bursting open and Christina and Dante walked in the room, Striker not far behind.


“You fucking bitch! I told you they had a relationship, daddy!” Christina yelled walking up to me and slapping my face. I cupped my cheek as Dante walked forward.


“I knew you were a traitor. Striker, take her away.” He quietly said. The man in the hood picked me up and slung me over his shoulder. “Put me down!” I yelled, slamming my fists on his back and wiggling to try and get out of his grip. His grip just tightened.


“Trust me, I can do much more than tightening my hands, sweetheart.” Striker whispered in my ear in a raspy voice. I shivered, for I had never heard him speak until now.


We stopped next to a car. He threw me in the back seat, locking the doors before walking to the driver’s side. Sadly, there was a screen separating us.


He called someone on his phone, muttering to someone and slamming his hands on the wheel. The last phone call he mumbled, “Thank you for your purchase, she will be there in 5 hours.”


I sang quietly, since I had nothing better to do.

“'Cause all of my kindness

Is taken for weakness

Now I'm FourFiveSeconds from wildin'

And we got three more days 'til Friday

I'm just tryna make it back home by Monday, morning

I swear I wish somebody would tell me

Ooh thats all I want.”


He stopped the car, opening the door and slamming a cloth over my mouth. I recognized the scent of chloroform and breathed it in. I needed the sleep, and I’d rather sleep through it again.


“Good night, princess.” Striker whispered, softly stroking my hair until I slipped into sleep.


*The next day*


“Wake up...Wake up….WAKE UP!” A voice yelled, and I shot out of bed. A blonde woman who looked about 21 stood there with her arms crossed over her overly large chest.


“You were supposed to be in my room to help me get ready 20 minutes ago! Then I come in to see you drooling all over your pillows! Come on, Zayn’s going to be here soon!” She stomped over to the bed and yanked me out of it. She started to drag me out of the room rather quickly. We were basically running until she stopped at the stairs and I slammed into her.


“What am I doing? You’re new, right? You don’t know-” She breathed.


“My name is Jacqueline​​, but you can call me Miss Singleton or Jackie. Only my soon-to-be husband can call me Jackie, so you have a privilege.” She sighed, then turned around. Though I wasn’t looking at her at that moment, or listening to her, I was looking at a little girl wearing a maid outfit, though she looked too young.


“I didn’t want to say that, my parents made me. So, what’s your name?” She smiled, snapping my attention back to her.


“My name’s America.” I hesitantly said, prepared for the strange look like Christina gave me when I told her my name. She just gave me a once-over before giving me a huge grin.


“You’re the little singer! Well, you’re my little singer and my little maid.” She cheered, leading me up the stairs and to what I guessed was her room.


“Well, since it’s your first day, I’ll let you borrow one of my dresses for the ball!” She squealed, walking to a door, halfway across the room.


“I thought we were going to a closet! This is not a closet!” I yelled as I looked around at all the dresses, jackets, skirts, shorts, jeans, and shirts in this room.


“It is to me. Now come on! The ball gowns are this way!” She whined, tugging me towards the back of the closet. I gasped at all the beautiful dresses. There were so many! How was I going to pick one?


“Well don’t just stand there, start looking!” She exclaimed, starting to sift through the humongous pile of gowns.


“So what kind of ball is it, anyway?” I questioned as I picked through the many dresses.


“It’s to celebrate my engagement. Oh, how about this one?” I turned to her beaming with a gorgeous pink and black dress in her hands.


“Omg! Where did you find it?” I rushed over to her, then stopped. She probably meant it was for her.


“Well, why’d you stop? I grabbed it for you!” She giggled and I ran over to her, hope filling my chest.


“Really?” I choked out, tears filling my eyes. She laughed, handing me the gown, me sniffing back my tears as I ran into a curtain to try it on.


I was stripping my clothes when I heard, “Need help with the dress, miss?” I spun around, covering my hands my body, when I recognized the little girl from earlier.


“I help with clothes. Let me help you, miss.” She giggled, walking over to my dress, unzipping it and taking it off the hanger. “Step in, Miss. You still have to find shoes.”


“Oh god.” I whispered, stepping in the dress and she giggled. “It’s not so bad once you get used to it. Now turn around.” I held the strapless dress to my chest, thanking god that you didn’t have to wear a bra with this dress, for I didn’t have a strapless one.


“There. Fits like a glove.” She sighs, zipping up the dress. It really did, It was tight at the top, the black material holding my boobs, then flowed out into a pink silk. I loved it.


“Thank you…” I didn’t know her name, but she smiled. “Lily, Miss.” I sorta liked that name. “Thank you, Lily.” I went to walk out the door, but Lily stopped me.


“What ever you do, don’t drink the red drink, it’ll get you drunker than a fisherman at sea with 5 bottles of vodka.” She giggled, then let go.


“Oh my god, America, you look gorgeous!” Jackie clapped her hand over her mouth and I blushed.


“Thank you, but what are you wearing?” I curiously asked, starting to look through the shoes, Lily beside me helping.


“I’m wearing the other dress I was going to use as my wedding dress, but I liked the other one better. What do you think?” She asked, walking out from behind the curtain in a beautiful lace wedding gown.

“Wow, Jackie, it’s breathtaking. I wonder what your wedding dress looks like, but all I know is that you look better than me.” I huffed, plopping down in a chair as Lily tried a pair of shoes on.


“Oh, don’t be preposterous! You will be the star, aside from me, of the ball! Now, how about those shoes...” She trailed into muttering as she went to the white shoes section, all the while Lily tugged on my leg.


“That should be it, Miss.” She said, standing up and stretching her hands to help pull me up, but I was admiring the black lace shoes she had put on my feet, so she snickered and pulled me up on her own, handing me a sash to cover my arms with.


“Thank you, Lily. You may go now.” Jacqueline chuckled along with her. Lily curtseyed and skipped out of the room. “Okay, let's get to the ballroom. The guests probably started arri-” She was cut off by a handsome man strutting into the room like he owned the place, walking start to Jacqueline and giving her a long kiss.


I just stood there awkwardly for a few minutes, but when they pulled away, the man’s charming hazel eyes landed on me and I got this fluttering in my stomach.


“Oh right! Zayn, meet America. America, this is my fiance, Zayn.” Jacqueline gasped, still dizzy from the intense kiss they had just shared.


“Nice to meet you.” I spoke first, stretching my hand out to meet his, but instead I was pulled into his strong chest. He lightly squeezed me as I breathed in his heavenly scent, butterflies exploding in my stomach.

“Nice to meet you too, love.” He whispered in my ear, and I shivered. The things he would do to me, but he has Jacqueline, right?

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